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Meet a mum and daughter team who've lost 30kg!

Together, Annalise and her mum Tracey have lost more than 30kg on WW. Not only are they each other’s biggest supporters, they know a thing or two about why losing weight as a team can be such a recipe for success.
Published 27 April 2022 | Updated 22 November 2022

A supportive dream team

They might have joined WW at different times and for different reasons, but as soon as they were both members, the close bond that Tracey and her daughter Annalise share quickly translated into becoming each other’s ‘WW buddy’. A partnership that’s delivered impressive results, this mother-daughter team are not only closer than ever, they feel better than ever, too.

Annalise’s ‘why’

“Months after giving birth to my son in 2021, I couldn’t fit any ‘normal’ clothes and was still having to wear maternity clothes. I felt slow and sluggish. The turning point was when I saw a photo of myself – I got a fright realising how unhealthy I looked. Of course I was forgiving, as I’d just had a baby and knew I wouldn’t look like the ‘me’ before pregnancy, but I realised how much extra weight I’d gained thanks to my unhealthy eating habits while I was pregnant. My main ‘why’ was for my son. I want to be able to run around and go on adventures with him. I want to make him proud like my parents did.”

Tracey’s ‘why’

“I’ve lost 20kg on WW since joining more than 25 years ago. My weight did fluctuate a bit at first, but I’ve now sustained my loss for the last eight or nine years and my catalyst for that was my Dad’s cancer diagnosis nine years ago. He was given months to live, but lived another two years and was incredibly healthy during that time, thanks to his healthy relationship with food and his commitment to exercise every day. I will forever be grateful for that incredible gift of time that Dad gave us and it made me realise I needed to be more proactive and prioritise my health for my own children and now my grandchildren.”


Why did you decide to do WW together?

Annalise: “Mum is a Lifetime member and wanted to jump back onboard to lose a couple of kilos that had snuck back on. She knew I wanted to get back on a healthy track too, and offered to sign me up – so I did! And because I knew how well it works, given Mum has lost so much weight with WW, it was a no brainer.”

How do you support each other on the program?

Tracey: “We support each other by being encouraging, setting and resetting goals and celebrating our small successes, whether they’re on the scales or not. We also exercise together when we can and share and cook WW recipes together.”

How do you feel these days?

Annalise: “Amazing! I still have a way to go, but after losing 12kg in four months, I can fit into non-maternity clothes and I’ve been able to put my wedding rings back on after a year of them not fitting. It’s the little things. My energy levels are a lot better, too. I’m so motivated to get up and do things each day.”

Tracey: “I love feeling more energised and in control of the decisions I make, especially around food. There’s no guilt on WW because there are no restrictions. Another huge change is my new-found love for clothes shopping, which I just dreaded for so many years.”

"Annalise sparkles energy that’s contagious. Her determination drives her, so she’s the perfect partner when you want to achieve a goal."— Tracey

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What are your tips for making WW a team effort?

Annalise: “Enjoy having someone to laugh with, celebrate the small victories with and comfort and encourage you when you need it. It’s also important to understand and respect your team mate’s journey, knowing that everyone’s journey and goals are different. Once you understand their journey, you’ll work out where you need to be in it, to offer support.

“For us, Mum knows what I want to get out of this and is very encouraging and motivates me, but she also understands that I’m not at the same fitness level as her and that I have to juggle and time manage, with my baby.”

Tracey: “As well as being kind to yourself and each other, let your team mate know what your goals are and ask them to support you – otherwise they can sometimes inadvertently create barriers. And make a commitment that you’ll always be there to jump up and help one another if the other person trips occasionally. It’s okay to stumble multiple times – what’s key is to stand back up, brush yourself off and keep going. Every day is a new opportunity.

“Other than that, exercise together if you can, even if it means jumping online, and remind one another to drink water!”

Tracey, how does your daughter inspire you?

“I consider myself the luckiest mum to have Annalise as my daughter and best friend. Her effervescent personality and positive disposition lights up a room immediately. Annalise sparkles energy that’s contagious. Her determination drives her, so she’s the perfect partner when you want to achieve a goal. I’m in awe of her strength and belief in herself, and watching her so naturally be the most wonderful mum to by grandbaby, Theon, has been a joy.”

Annalise, how does your mum inspire you?

“I don’t know where I’d be without Mum. She’s inspired me my whole life and I’ve always looked up to her. She’s so kind and loving, and so passionate about family and is such a loyal friend. She’s someone who can talk to anyone and make them feel valued. And her work ethic and determination to stay fit and healthy, not just for her, but for her kids and grandkids, has always impressed me. If I can be half the woman, mother, friend and grandmother she is, then I’ll be pretty darn happy!”

"I don’t know where I’d be without Mum. She’s inspired me my whole life and I’ve always looked up to her."— Annalise