Your 7-day dinner plan: Summer filling salads

These seven salads will fill you up and hit the spot for sure.

Who says salad has to be boring? We've gathered seven of your favourite filling salad recipes to enjoy this week. The key to making a satisfying salad is to make sure you include a source of protein—whether it be from chicken, eggs or even some canned chickpeas.

Salads are also a great way to up your veg intake and with our new PersonalPoints Program you can add Points to your Budget for every serve of non-starchy veggies you eat.

Try our grilled chicken and corn salad mixed together with a tangy and spicy dressing to makes an easy and flavourful weeknight supper.

Whether you try just one or try them all, they're guaranteed to help you up your veggie intake come dinner time. Say goodbye to forgotten bags of wilted lettuce!