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Take the blue-dot challenge

Learn about the blue dot challenge and how this can help make tracking a long term habit.
Published 3 February 2020

Looking for some motivation to help you stay on track? The #bluedotchallenge was created by our amazing members on Connect as a way to challenge themselves to stay within the Food Tracking Zone each day.

What is the Food Tracking Zone?

One of the ways our program encourages healthy and balanced eating in the real world is through the Food Tracking Zone, which is your daily PersonalPoints Budget plus a little wiggle room.

The Food Tracking Zone is proof that you don’t have to be “perfect” to be on track for the day!

What is my new Blue Dot range?

The Food Tracking Zone, or Blue Dot range, is from 8 Points below your starting daily PersonalPoints Budget to 10 Points above it. Stay in this zone and you’ll earn a Blue Dot!. So if your daily PersonalPoints Budget is 24, you can get a blue dot if you track between 16 and 34 Points in a day. As you earn Points from eating non-starchy veggies or reaching a water goal, this range remains in place based on your starting daily Points.

What are the blue dots for?

They keep you motivated and help you see your progress. When you track within your personalised Food Tracking Zone, you earn a blue dot on My Day. Pretty soon, you have a healthy-eating streak going!

At the top of your My Day dashboard in your WW app, you can see how many blue dots you’ve gained this week. Swipe right to view previous weeks, and pay attention to what you tracked on the days that you did or didn’t earn a blue dot.

Notice patterns

Tap the Journey icon and view your “Days in Food Tracking Zone.” The arrow shows a snapshot of your entire month. How have things changed over time? Is what you’re doing still working for you, or is it time to switch it up?

Get connected

Search #bluedotchallenge on Connect for tips and tricks on staying in the Food Tracking Zone. You never know who you’ll find inspiration from—or who you’ll inspire along the way.