What are WeightWatchers® blue dots?

Learn about the 🔵 blue dot challenge and how this can help make tracking a long term healthy habit.
Published 3 February 2020 | Updated 9 November 2023

Looking for ways to help you stay on track following the WeightWatchers program? The #bluedotchallenge was created by our amazing members on our member-only social community—Connect—as a way to challenge themselves to track within their personalised Points Budget each day.

Keep on track with blue dots

Blue dots help you track your food consistently, which can help you lose weight.

You'll earn a 🔵 blue dot each day you're in budget. Your budget includes your daily, weekly, and activity Points.

Pretty soon, you'll have a healthy-eating streak going!

If you go over your daily and weekly Points budget, you’ll be “out of budget” for that day. But that’s OK! Remember, one moment in time doesn’t define your journey. Just try to stay in your daily Points Budget for the rest of the week.

Tap the Progress icon in your WW app and view your “Days in Points Dudget”. Tap the left arrow to view previous weeks, and pay attention to what you tracked on the days that you did or didn’t earn a blue dot.

Join the challenge

Search #bluedotchallenge on Connect for tips and tricks about earning blue dots and see how many you can get in a week. You never know who you’ll find inspiration from—or who you’ll inspire along the way.

What does it mean to be in my Points Budget?

Your personalised Points Budget consists of your dailies and weeklies (with Points added for activity) and rollovers. Staying within your daily Points Budget will mean you are “in budget”. There’s no points minimum.

However it’s totally okay and even expected that sometimes you’ll go over your daily budget, that is why you also have a weekly Points budget. As long as you don’t use up all your activity, rollovers, and weekly Points, then you are “in budget” and will earn a blue dot for the day.

How does staying “in budget” help me lose weight?

Our Points system creates a plan that ensures you can have your dailies, your weeklies, your ZeroPoint foods and your rollovers and still lose weight. Staying “in budget” allows you to identify patterns and bring awareness to your daily eating habits and overtime help you lose weight.

In order to reach a healthier weight for the long-term, having a balanced eating pattern over time—that works for you— is more important than having a perfectly balanced eating pattern every single day. That’s why weekly Points, ZeroPoint foods, and rollovers are included in your total budget to deliver weight loss while adding flexibility, and ensuring that the plan is liveable.

What does it mean when I’m “out of budget”?

If you are “out of budget”, that means you have gone over both your daily and weekly budget for the day. The next day your daily Points Budget resets and you have more Points to use. Your weekly Points Budget will be replenished the following week.

Progress tab

The Progress tab in the WW app is a new place that showcases your weekly progress towards key tracking behaviours like food, weight, and activity—it's also where you will see your blue dots. As you track each week, your progress toward your goals will be reflected in the corresponding ring. 💪


The Food Tracking Zone was an effective tool for many members, but there were certain edge cases where a member could have been within the Food Tracking Zone each day yet still not be seeing their desired results.

Now, we are simplifying the way you earn a blue dot while also ensuring you are on track to reach your goals. You’ll find your new blue dots in the Progress section of the WW app, giving you a clear understanding of how you are doing with the WW program.

The monthly view is no longer available. However, you can still view your week to week progress using the Progress tab.