A Healthier Take on Halloween Snack Boards

We're screaming—in a good way—over this fun, Budget-friendly version of the seasonal trend.
Published October 8, 2021

The easiest way to entertain and feed your ghoulish group this Halloween? A snack board (or should we say, snack booard). Not only does the Instagram-worthy spread adapt to what you have in your pantry and fridge, but it’s also a spooktacular way to work more ZeroPoint™ foods into your day.

To create your Halloween snack board, simply grab a tray or cheese board and start with pre-cut veggies (for us, celery and carrot sticks) and fruit (we went for moon drop grapes and rambutans, which eerily resemble eyeballs when peeled). Then, get creative! Our sweet-and-savory snack board features:

  • Banana ghosts Press in two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

  • Clementine pumpkins We used a small slice of celery for the stalk.

  • Screaming string cheese Keep it Budget-friendly by using a marker to color on WW Light String Cheese wrappers.

Don’t stop there! You could also use a cookie cutter to press spooky shapes out of cheese slices, sprinkle in Budget-friendly filler foods like popcorn and olives, and decorate everything with edible googly eyes, from dips to cupcakes. If you have a little extra time, add in our wickedly impressive Halloween treats and bites. They’ll definitely give your guests pumpkin to talk about!