Nursing mums' guide to weight loss

How to safely lose weight while breastfeeding your baby.
Published 6 September 2018

Breastfeeding guide for mums on WW


Chris had been a WW group coaching member when she fell pregnant with twins. After she gave birth to daughters, she was eager to get back on the plan. After six weeks, her doctor gave her the go-ahead, and she went straight to her meeting to get back on track.

Chris' story is typical of new mums who feel like a few months after giving birth is a good time lose weight. If you're breast feeding, you may not have to work quite as hard to lose weight but you may have to put the brakes on if your weight loss becomes too rapid.

If you're losing too much weight too rapidly, it can affect your milk production, which could affect your baby's health. An average loss of 500g per week can successfully achieve weight loss without affecting the quantity or quality of milk.

WW has designed breast feeding guidelines for members for adapting the WW program to the special nutritional requirements of breastfeeding mums. Six weeks after you've had your baby, check with your GP to see what they think about your health goals while breastfeeding, and whether they suggest that you make any special adjustments.

You may need advice from your doctor if you have special dietary needs. If you're allergic to milk, nursing more than one baby or notice your milk supply decreasing, or if you have any questions about foods to avoid or dietary supplements, check with your doctor.

Your WW Coach can help you adapt the program too as you'll be given extra SmartPoints while breastfeeding. Lisa, a meetings member and mum says, "I couldn't start WW until after my six-week check-up, so three days after the check-up I showed up at my local meeting. With the help of my amazing Coach I now weigh less than I did before my pregnancy!"