Vegan dessert recipes

Enjoy our favourite vegan dessert recipes that taste delicious and are super easy to make.
Published 21 January 2018

Who said vegan desserts can’t be delicious? We have gathered some of our yummiest desserts that are all egg free and dairy free so can be enjoyed by vegans. With a selection of fruity and chocolaty goodies, there are recipes here to suit your taste buds.

Looking for a summery vegan dessert? Our super simple coconut and mango ice blocks are filled with passionfruit and lime zest for extra tang. Prefer chocolate goodies? Our recipe for rich Jaffa truffles uses dark cocoa powder which has an intense, slightly bitter flavour so it’s perfect for these bite-sized treats. When it’s paired with orange it gives that irresistible Jaffa flavour. Or after a warming winter dessert to serve to family and friends? Our apricot, blueberry, and nut crumble is a great tasting option filled with a nutty hazelnut flavour.