Barley recipes

Barley adds this nutty, satisfying grain to your pantry this winter for risottos, stir-fries and more!



Wholegrain barley was grown as an ancient crop but because it has a low gluten content wheat became the superior choice for bread-making. Pearl barley is a nutritious addition to soup mixes but as it’s hulled to remove the outer layer, it’s technically no longer a wholegrain. Still worth including in your diet, though, for variety! Barley works well in place of rice or couscous, and can be a substitute for breadcrumbs in a stuffing for roast meats or vegetables. Here are some other great reasons to add the grain to your pantry and plate.


Try barley in one of these easy ideas

  • It makes a filling addition to hearty soups, casseroles and stews. Allow about 30 minutes cooking time.
  • Barley is packed with beta-glucan soluble fibre and insoluble fibre, which help maintain a healthy bowel, and can help lower cholesterol levels and aid in achieving a healthy weight.
  • Barley kernels, pearl barley and cracked barley are all low GI.