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Photo of Sauerkraut pikelets by WW

Sauerkraut pikelets

Total Time
25 min
10 min
15 min
Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage and is rich in flavour and probiotics, keeping your tummy and tastebuds happy.


Wholemeal self-raising flour

½ cup(s), (80g)

White self-raising flour

¼ cup(s), (35g)


1 medium

Skim milk

1¼ cup(s), (310ml)

Canned sauerkraut in brine, drained

½ cup(s), (75g) (chopped pickled cabbage)

99% fat-free plain Greek yoghurt

¼ cup(s), (60g)

Smoked paprika

1 tsp

Fresh chives

2 tbs, finely chopped

Oil spray

2 x 3 second spray(s)


  1. Combine flours in a large bowl. Whisk egg and milk in a jug until combined. Make a well in centre of flour mixture and slowly whisk in egg mixture until smooth. Stir in sauerkraut and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Lightly spray a large non-stick frying pan with oil and heat over medium-high heat. Drop 1 heaped tablespoon of batter into pan and spread until about 5cm diameter. Repeat to make 3 more pikelets. Cook for 2 minutes or until bubbles rise to the surface. Turn and cook for 1-2 minutes or until golden and cooked through. Repeat with remaining batter to make 10 more pikelets.
  3. Top each pikelet with 1 teaspoon yoghurt. Serve sprinkled with paprika and chives.


TIPS: You can use kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage) instead of sauerkraut. Store cooled leftovers (without toppings) in a snap-lock bag in the fridge for up to 3 days. Reheat in microwave on Medium (50%) for 5-10 seconds or until warm.