Marg, Debbie, and Julie

Published May 3, 2019

WW trio Julie (left), Marg (centre), and Debbie (right)

Finding the right support can be tricky. The perfect balance of motivation, inspiration, and tough love can be an elusive balance to strike. Add that to a family dynamic and it can be even harder to get it just right. Marg, and daughters Debbie and Julie have been working the WeightWatchers program together for three years and have learned to respect each others’ boundaries making meeting each other’s needs, and being the ultimate support squad a real-life success story. We chatted with this trio to get a better understanding of how they support each other on their shared wellness journey, how it has made their lives (and the lives around them healthier) while forging a deeper bond.

Mom, Marg, joined in 2016 and achieved her goal (and lifetime status) a year later. Having retired in 2016 and unsatisfied with her weight gain, she joined WeigthWatchers when her sister-in-law and friend made the plunge to try WW. “My ‘why’ at that time was to lose weight, but in reality, once I had lost the weight, how I feel now is the best ‘why,’ words can’t describe it,” she says.

Eldest daughter Debbie also joined WW in 2016, and at the time was living in Miami. Although her overall health was in fairly good shape, she was starting to feel the effects of her weight and nearing 40, knew it was a matter of time before her luck ran out with her health. Upon moving back to Ontario, Debbie began attending local meetings in Hamilton with her mom, then with her sister in Cambridge.

Younger sister Julie began her wellness journey about six years ago using the Digital tools, then took a break. She began again with the encouragement of her mom. “I do find the WeightWatchers Workshops much more motivating than online alone. It’s nice to have the Workshops for accountability,” Julie says.

Check out our interview with Marg, Debbie, and Julie below:

WW: How has working the program together helped along your journey?

Marg: We all started WeightWatchers at different times and have been very supportive of each other. What I feel as support is not everyone’s idea of support: when a push helps me, pushing Debbie pushes her away. I think we have the ability to recognize that everyone’s support is different and change our approach to each other, but still be there of each other. I believe that us all in this together, seeing each other achieving weekly goals helps each of us to find our way.

Debbie: I’m a strong believer that doing anything together multiplies success. At the end of the day, nobody wants to be the person not achieving success when everyone else is, so that drives me!

Julie: We don’t all go to Workshops together, but the program makes us feel like we are working it together. We have our losses and our gains. My mom has encouraged so many family and friends to try the program and we have a Facebook group that allows us to connect, share the good and the bad and give each other motivation. You never feel alone on this journey.

WW: How do you inspire each other?

Marg: I am so proud of both of my daughters and so happy they are getting a much healthier lifestyle, not only to live longer but to be able to enjoy life. I didn’t realize how much better life is when you are not overweight.

Debbie: Without a doubt, my mom started the ball rolling and has only picked up speed along the journey. Her focus and dedication is inspiring. When my sister joined, I had been on the program for over a year. I was getting lazy and my focus was not consistent. Watching her success was like a restart for me and motivated me to keep going. Out of the three of us she has challenged herself the most physically. She has completed two mud runs and multiple marathons. She works full time, does Zumba three times a week, walks twice a week, volunteers regularly, has two fantastic and busy kids, and a husband. Now that’s inspiring.

Julie: We do inspire each other, but it’s my mom that is the driving force. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for her there would have been a time that I would have given up. Every good club needs a leader and she is ours. She’s not harsh and doesn’t judge. Inspiration comes in many ways and she by far is mine. She makes me a better mother, a better wife a better co-worker, and a better me. Debbie and I just really follow suit. She’s a tough act to follow but one that we all want to be.

WW: How have you supported each other on this journey?

Marg: This is a hard one because we all have had our slow downs and fall offs but how we recognize what support is needed and when is very critical. Pushing at the wrong time can push someone over the edge so we are able to take a step back and see if just giving space and time is right.

Debbie: Each one of us has been tough a tough time so we all know exactly what that feels like, My mom and sister know that I am “all or nothing” they know exactly when I am off track and give me the space I need to find my way back with encouragement and I really appreciate that.

Julie: You keep asking. You keep checking in. you just be there.

WW: What do you think is key to your success on the program?

Marg: Attending weekly Workshops and making a vow never to forget where I have come from. Definitely having both Debbie and Julie keeping me inspired and not wanting them to see me fail has been a key to my success.

Debbie: Not giving up and sticking with it! I learned quickly that they key to success with WW is stating on the program, forever! I heard member after member tell their stories about how they got to goal, stopped the program, and gained the weight back. So many times, throughout my life I had lost weight on other programs and would gain it all back and I vowed that if WW worked and I was able to fit it into my lifestyle I would for good. And though ups and downs, gains and losses, I have.

Julie: Never stop believing. In yourself, in your family and friends, in the program. This isn’t a quick fix. This isn’t something you leave. It’s a lifetime journey. It’s a lifestyle

WW: What is your favourite WW tool?

Marg: All the Digital tools – tracking is the key to success!

Debbie: the Digital tools!

Julie: I really like the accountability of the Workshops. I like seeing others success online and in the Studio.

What’s your favourite ZeroPoints food?

Marg: Chicken and eggs.

Debbie: Non-fat Greek yogurt because it is so versatile. It’s great on its own and can be used in so many things!

Julie: I would have to say eggs, I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and supper!