Indoor workouts that work for everyone

Don’t let bad weather put you off exercising. There are plenty of ways to get fit indoors
Published October 27, 2016

Discover the easiest and most effective ways to work out indoors.

Remember the leisure centre? Before expensive gyms appeared, our leisure centres provided a pool, group fitness classes and more – and they still do. See what yours has to offer today.

Pay-as-you-go gyms or exercise class passes are springing up everywhere. You pay a small amount every month or each time you use the gym and there’s no contract.

Check out the school or village hall – okay, it might not hold the latest fitness classes from New York, but sign up for salsa, jive or even hula-hoop lessons. Grab a friend, sign up and enjoy!

Get together and have a personal trainer to have a bespoke fitness session in your own home. Split the cost with some friends and you can alternate who will host your group workout every week. 

Hot yoga classes are taught in heated rooms to allow muscles to stretch more and to sweat out toxins. It’s not recommended for complete beginners, but is a great way to warm up while you work out.

Rent fitness DVDs from the library, or search for online classes. This way, you don’t even have to leave your living room to get fit.