Fresh, New Fitness

If your workouts are getting stagnant, try re-igniting your routine by introducing these great new activities.
Published May 30, 2016

When you have to twist your own arm to get excited about your fitness journey, chances are you've fallen into a slump.  Perhaps exercising by yourself no longer motivates you; maybe your program isn't reaping the results you expected or maybe you just haven't found something fun to keep you inspired.

Try a new sport
Being in a slump can be discouraging, but before you decide to throw in the towel, consider giving your fitness routine an overhaul by going out on a limb and exploring new hobbies or sports.  Some of the best ways to exercise are a result of learning a new skill.  Rock climbing, mountain biking, and stand-up paddle boarding are three activities that put your cardio, strength and balance to the test as well as take your mind off of exercising and back into having fun.  With summer weather underway, now is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a variety of activities that will challenge you on many levels.

Join the latest fitness trends
Perhaps, however, you'd prefer to get down and dirty, in the mud that is.  According to The Toronto Star, obstacle course training is the new fitness trend for 2016.  While you may not like the idea of scaling 10-foot walls and crawling underneath an electrical barbed wire fence, you certainly don't have to enroll in an obstacle race to train like you're participating in one.  Parks have fun props like the monkey bars, stairs, hills and benches you can explore.  It may not be the typical obstacle race stomping ground but why not create a small circuit that will challenge your strength and stamina almost as much?  Benches can be jumped over, hopped on, crawled under and monkey bars can be climbed up and swung from.

Get active indoors
What do drumsticks, animals and ballet have in common?  They can all whip your butt into shape in the comfort of your own home. If outdoor recreation and sports aren't your idea of fun, you can bring some excitement to your living room for just a few dollars by buying the latest fitness DVDs. ‘Pound' is an increasingly popular full-body cardio workout that uses a set of drumsticks as props.  Not into music? Express your primal instincts with ‘Animal Flow' which combines functional body-weight movements derived from gymnastics, breakdancing, and various other acrobatic genres.  If a ballet-inspired workout is more your speed, get your heart pumping and slim down with the new barre-cardio fusion. Don't want to plunk down the cash for a DVD? Try one of our free five-minute workouts instead.

Whether it's training solo or in a group, in your living room or the great outdoors, with equipment or using bodyweight, there is something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.  Once you feel the immediate effects of perspiration, heart pumping, and muscle tenderness, you may feel like stopping but when you experience the incredible benefits of increased strength, muscular endurance, and a leaner, fitter physique, you'll want to continue forever.  Explore the many recreational activities in your neighbourhood this season, and let the fun begin!