6 mind tricks to help you love exercise

Not all of us are natural fitness fans, but a few small tweaks to the way you think can change your attitude to exercise.
Published February 12, 2017

Woman in downward dog yoga pose, touching noses with a puppy

Whether you work out regularly or are new to it, tweaking your attitude to exercise can help you achieve amazing results. Yes, just a few simple mind tricks can turn you into a gym Jedi!

  1. If the idea of doing activity feels too much, fix your focus onto just putting on your trainers or getting out of the door. It sounds simple, but once you’ve reached that target, the next one will feel easier.
  2. Be realistic; if you’re not a morning person, don’t sign up for early morning classes. Instead, work out when you could fit in your exercise and do it at the same time every day so it becomes a healthy habit.
  3. Make a playlist, as studies show working out to music makes you work harder. Listening to your favourite song is also a great – and easy! - mood booster.
  4. Sign up for a charity event – and ask everyone to sponsor you. The extra motivation will keep you on track, and you’ll have more people to answer to if you skip a training session.
  5. Find a friend to exercise with. Not only will you have to meet up with them (so no excuses!), you’ll be able to support each other, and experts say exercising with a friend means you’ll push yourself harder.
  6. Treat yourself to some fitness kit. Wearing your new workout clothes will help you link activity with feeling good. You could also reward yourself with a new top or trainers when you reach a fitness goal.