3 Easy Ways to Reboot Your Fitness

Shaking up your regular exercise regime can give your weight loss a boost
Published March 22, 2018


Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise five times a week, but this doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym every day or take up marathon running – unless you want to.

Making a few simple tweaks to your daily routine means you can easily fit in more exercise, and build a healthy body for life. It’s time to dig out those trainers…

Reclaim your cardio
Cardio exercise is anything that raises your heart rate. You could try:

  • walking to work or getting off the subway or bus a stop early
  • cycling to school with the kids
  • putting on an exercise DVD while dinner is cooking
  • swimming with the family at the weekend
  • taking yours or a neighbour’s dog for a brisk lunchtime walk

Recharge your resistance
Resistance exercise means either using weights or working against your own bodyweight. You could try:

  • doing squats during the TV ad breaks
  • press-ups against the kitchen counter while waiting for the kettle to boil
  • picking up the kids during playtime; they make great weights!
  • setting a goal to do X sit-ups, then increasing it by a couple every day
  • doing some tricep dips using your sofa

Find your flexibility
Staying flexible will help your muscles work more efficiently. You could try:

  • some gentle shoulder shrugs and rotations when you get out of bed
  • stretching your arms and legs slowly in the shower when your muscles are nice and warm
  • following a simple yoga or Pilates DVD at home
  • reaching towards or touching your toes after a walk in the park