Fall Fitness Ideas

How to shift your activity routine and discover new ways to get moving as the season changes.
Published August 29, 2022

Find ideas for fall fitness to make the most of the season. As summer shifts into fall, our activity options can shift too. While it might be too chilly for a swim in the pool, it’s the perfect weather for a hike through the changing foliage. There are lots of ways you can mix up your activity routine as we move into the last quarter of the year.

“The fall is a great time to reset and change up our daily rhythm,” says Kirsten Potenza, founder of international fitness company POUND.

“Transitioning to a new season always feels like a new beginning to me. I don’t save resolutions for the new year. I use each new season to set new intentions. Resetting every season helps me mentally balance and enter a new headspace as the weather changes.”

Potenza recommends setting an intention to settle into the new season and welcome it.

“Open your heart to new rituals. Try a new seasonal class or practice, like meditation.”

For her, fall always signals a time to get back to nature. At home in California, Potenza says the empty beaches are ideal for walks on chilly days and nearby hills are perfect for hikes. She’s also a mom to a young active boy, so expects to be spending time this fall visiting farms and petting zoos – both great ways for the whole family to get active together.

In fact, playing with your kids is a great way to sneak in a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout.

“Since I have a young child, my husband and I spend a lot of time outdoors playing with him. He loves to skateboard but that really means he is practising while we are holding his hands and running him down the sidewalk while he ‘skateboards.’ We really try to embrace that childhood spirit and climb on the jungle [gym] with him, kick the ball with him and let’s be honest – we are running after him a lot.”

Other ways to sneak in some activity include cleaning out your home to clear space for the coming new year, shopping for plants at a local nursery to create a welcoming home, and entertaining friends and family – all the cleaning and cooking will keep you on your feet for hours.

And of course, you can always book a short workout class that you love – Potenza says we can expect to see shorter classes becoming more available.

“Longer isn’t always better when it comes to fitness. There are studies that show major long-term and short-term health benefits if you exercise even just for 20 minutes a day. Time continues to be a barrier for people when it comes to sticking to a routine, so short, efficient, and effective workouts can be the key to your success.”

Another fitness trend Potenza foresees for the rest of the year is a continuation of the holistic approach to fitness.

“Workouts are not just about physical fitness anymore. Mental wellness is becoming a huge focus for the fitness industry, and we are seeing more options that are putting the whole person first and adding in elements that help not only physically but also mentally and emotionally,” she says.

“Being active physically has a large impact on your brain and how you feel. I have personally seen the benefits and have long known that there is a positive impact when people connect sound, movement and community. For example, how good did you feel the last time you danced with friends at a concert? This collective energy and healing will be a big focus for fitness as we wrap up 2022. The goal is to help people feel like they can move forward and look to the future by feeling good today.”