3 things healthy women do daily

You know those annoying people who just glow with vitality? It’s time to become one of them! Check out these secrets to health and happiness and you soon will, too.
Published September 19, 2016


  1. Use positive body language

When you're not feeling your best, try this easy way to feel more confident, faster. ‘Your body language can make you feel better,’ says psychologist Honey Langcaster-James from Weight Watchers magazine. ‘By striking a “power pose”, such as standing straight with your hands on your hips, you can feel more self- assured, knowing that others will be viewing you as strong and in control,’ she explains. Try it today – it works!

  1. Crack a joke or two

Try some daily ‘vitamin L’ – laughter! It will make you feel happier, of course, so make the most of those lighter moments that brighten up your day. But there's another reason to have a laugh – the act of laughing helps blood vessels expand, lowering your blood pressure. In fact, the effects are similar to what happens in your body after a burst of aerobic exercise. Better still, go out and have a laugh 

with friends – researchers have found that socializing not only helps to reduce stress, but can also cut your risk of colds, as stress can weaken your immune defenses.

  1. Leave work on time – and take a lunch break

Are you regularly staying late at work? If it's not absolutely necessary, try not to make it a habit, because it could affect more than your morale. Working 55 hours or more a week might increase the risk of stroke – and repetitive stress or consistently not getting enough physical activity are the possible underlying causes. Get outside at lunchtime for a walk in the sunlight. Not only will it get you moving, you’ll get that essential vitamin D, too.