How do WW Scales work?

Curious how WW Scales sync to your WW app? Member Emma tests them out and shares how to use them.

Weight Watchers Scales review

Weight Watchers member Emma Lindsay tested Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scales by Conair. Here's what she discovered.



My first impression, unboxing the Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is that it looks stunning! It’s white, sleek and modern. Unlike other chunky bathroom scales, it’s stylish in my bathroom. When you tap to 'wake up', a blue light illuminates the outline making them look enticing to jump on.


Connecting the Scale to the WW’s App

Connecting the Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale to the WW ‘s app was super simple! Firstly, I downloaded the free 'WW’s Scale by Conair' app and connected the app to the scale via Bluetooth. I tapped on 'My Account’ and ‘Sync with WW' to allow the WW’s app to sync my weight, so when I jump on the scale each week and open up the WW’s app, my weight history is automatically imported!



More than just weight measurement 

My personal fitness goals are to increase my muscle mass and to stay hydrated as I struggle to drink enough water. As well as measuring my weight,  the Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale monitors body fat, body water, bone mass, muscle mass and BMI via cool progress graphs on the app. Being able to see these stats makes tracking my overall health easy. Plus, you can also sync your stats to Apple® Health or Google Fit® and allow all other your favourite apps to access your data. 


And if you’re not digital savvy, the scale shows your stats on its blue digital readout also, for up to 10 users.


My weekly fitness routine

I'm not a fan of long cardio sessions or slogging it out at the gym. I take my dogs for walks and love to move when I can as I travel a lot. My favourite way to move more is  dancing! The WW’s app tracks my activity and lets me know how many steps and FitPoints I've earned, so being able to connect the WW’s Scales by Conair app to track my weight gives me the full picture of my weight loss journey.

Hotel workout

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The Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is the ultimate tool to help you easily measure your health and weight loss journey. I give them a 10/10..