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WW Purple food plan


The new WW program is designed to make weight loss easier for you. We use the science of SmartPoints® and ZeroPoint™ foods and match you to the perfect food plan for your lifestyle. Take a look at what a day of eating can look like on Purple.

Why members love Purple


"I love the fact that potatoes, whole grain rice and pasta are ZeroPoint foods on Purple. In the past I treated carbs as the enemy and believed you couldn’t eat them and lose weight. Because they’re ZeroPoint foods, it gave me the confidence to eat and enjoy them again. I’m eating potatoes, rice and pasta and I’ve lost weight."


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Purple ZeroPoint foods list

The NEW myWW program is our most customised program ever! All our food plans promote equal weight loss - they just get you there in different ways. Enjoy the foods you love with the help of your personalised SmartPoints Budget plus 300+ ZeroPoint foods you don't have to count on Purple.
Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains are zero SmartPoints on Purple including:
  • Corn
  • Potato
  • Skinless chicken breast
  • Eggs
  • Wholemeal pasta

Purple breakfast


Breakfast slice


Get a little bit gourmet with your next Sunday brunch and try this savoury breakfast slice filled with ZeroPoint foods including brown rice, vegies, cottage cheese, and eggs. For Zero SmartPoints on Purple, this tasty slice will become your go-to brekkie!


Purple lunch


Tuna, black bean & corn salad


With over 300 ZeroPoint foods on Purple, it's easy to create zero and low SmartPoints meals. This simple and filling salad is packed with ZeroPoint foods including black beans, canned tuna in springwater and corn - all you need to count is the drizzle of olive oil making this salad 2 SmartPoints.


Purple snacks


Apple slices with peanut butter and
Rice crackers with tomato salsa


As a tasty snack, you can enjoy sliced pear or apple with light peanut butter (1 tbs) for 4 SmartPoints on Purple. Later in the day, you can snack on rice crackers (10) with tomato salsa (¼ cup) for 3 SmartPoints values.

Purple dinner


Mushroom & veal ragu with creamy polenta


This hearty slow-cooked pork and veal casserole is healthy, filling and just 6 SmartPoints on Purple.


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