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We have simplified our program to make it easier to to lose weight.

WW Blue food plan

On myWW+, you've got a personalised amount of SmartPoints® to spend on any food you choose, and 200+ foods that are zero.

Take a look at what a day of eating can look like on the Blue food plan.

Why members love the Blue food plan

"For me, it’s an ideal mix of freedom and accountability. I use Blue’s long and comprehensive list of ZeroPoint™ foods to either bulk up recipes when I’m feeling particularly hungry, or to create an entire meal. That means I’m free to use my SmartPoints to enjoy a meal out, or have a glass of wine or some chocolate."

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Blue ZeroPoint foods list

Everything you know and love about the WW Freestyle program is staying the same, but now it’s called Blue. On the Blue food plan you'll get a personalised SmartPoints Budget to spend how you choose, plus 200+ ZeroPoint foods you don't have to count.

Most fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are zero SmartPoints on Blue including:

  • Skinless chicken and turkey breast

  • Eggs

  • Tofu

  • 99% fat-free plain yoghurt

  • Skinless salmon

What does a day on a plate look like on Blue?


Breakfast hash with poached egg

Potatoes, bacon, and veg, topped with a perfectly poached egg – this tasty brekkie dish makes a great family weekend breakfast and is 3 SmartPoints values on Blue.



Barley & shredded chicken salad

It's a great idea to start with ZeroPoint foods as a ‘base’ and use your SmartPoints to layer on flavours and variety. So start with ZeroPoint skinless chicken breast and add pearl barley, roasted capsicum strips, and a light soy dressing for 6 SmartPoints per serve on Blue.



Anna's chocolate hazelnut bliss ball and

Fruit and cashew nuts

WW member Anna Van Dyken's bliss balls are perfect for when you want a portable sweet snack that's homemade and healthy. At just 2 SmartPoints value per ball, they make a great snack that will work with your Budget. You can also enjoy later in the day a piece of fruit with a small handful of raw cashews (30g) for 6 SmartPoints values on Blue.



Pork & potato coconut curry

This creamy pork and potato curry is quick to prepare and packed with flavour! With 7 SmartPoints per serve on Blue, this simple curry could become one of your mid-week go-to meals.


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