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Weight Watchers mobile app

Download the WW app and start tracking your way to weight loss success!

Download the WW app

Our app allows you take the Program with you wherever you go! Track your food, weight and activity, look up the SmartPoints® of foods by tapping them into search or using the barcode scanner. Here's how to get it:

If you have an iPhone or iPad:

1. Go to iTunes App store
2. Search for Weight Watchers 
3. Select 'Weight Watchers app'
4. Click download 
Click here for iOS

IMPORTANT: Go to Settings > Language setting > Select 'English Australia' or 'English NZ'
Log in with your same username and password.
You must be on an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 (or newer), running iOS 8 (or higher).

If you have an Android Device:

1. Go to Google Play
2. Search for Weight Watchers 
3. Select the 'Weight Watchers app'
4. Click download 
Click here for Android

IMPORTANT: Whether you're in AU or NZ, go to Settings > Language setting > Select 'English Australia'
Log in with your same username and password as the old app and website. 
You must be on Android version 4.0.3 (or higher)

WW app tools and features

NEW FEATURE! Discover Recipes
Search and sort our Weight Watchers Recipe Collections by: 
Meal Time: 
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks
Dietary Requirements: Filling & Healthy, Low Sugar, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian, Diabetes Friendly, Nut Free, Diabetes Friendly, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free)
Filter by: SmartPoints, Prep Time and Popularity.

WW recipe search

NEW FEATURE! Browse Restaurants
Eating out? To help you make the best choices, browse options by SmartPoints or Restaurant name.

WW app restaurant finder

My Day Dashboard
My Day is your home base for tracking. Toggle between Food and Activity using the split screen at the top.

To look up foods, recipes or activities, type a search term into the white search bar, hit 'Search' and browse the list to find the item you're after. Tap or swipe right to add items items to your My Day dashboard. You'll also find a quick link to the barcode scanner on the right.

WW app my day dashboard

Food Barcode Scanner
We've made tracking as simple as scanning barcodes with your mobile. Click on the barcode icon to the right of the search bar to open up the scanner. Once you've scanned a food or drink item, you can save it, Favourite it and Track it. To access your list of scanned foods, click on the barcode and >Scanned Foods.

WW app barcode scanner

Your Journey Progress
Under the Journey tab you can log your weekly weight progress graphs, ready your get motivational messages and view your milestone badges. Flip your phone sideways to view your progress graph which can you filter via 1 month, 6 months, to a year. You'll also see the weeks you've stayed in the Food Tracking zone (the days you've tracked and stayed within your budget - with a little wriggle room).

WW app journey

Connect Social Community
Connect is our social community to hang out with other members. You can share your progress, update your profile and settings and view the updates from other WW members. Our exclusive and private social community is great for making new friends, getting new ideas and sharing motivation. Learn more our about awesome new community the the Connect page.

WW app connect

Recipe Finder and Builder
Browse our 4,000 recipes by selecting a category. You can also enter any keyword. If you find a recipe or meal you like but want to customeise it, hit the edit button. 

To create your own recipes, from scratch, click the orange + button on the home screen and select 'My Foods'. On the top right, there is a button called 'Create'. You can build in your own ingredients, instructions and serving size. Name your recipe and save it. Click the star to make it a Favourite for next time.

WW app recipe builder

My Favourites
To access your created Foods/Recipes/Meals; Activities and Favourites, click the orange + button on the home screen and select 'My Foods'. You can edit items or swipe to delete them.

WW app faves

24/7 Online Coaching
Whether you need advice, support or technical help, you can open up an Live Coaching session 24/7. Click on the Connect tab along the bottom to instantly speak with our team of experts.

WW app live chat

Connect your Activity Device
Toggle to the Activity tab to Track activity and view your weekly earned FitPoints, minutes of activity and steps.  To Track and activity, type in the name into the white search bar. Select it from the list, add your duration, intensity and time, and done!

If you have an Apple Watch, wireless scales, an activity tracker or Apple Health, you can connect them to your Weight Watchers account. To connect your wireless scales, Fitbit, Health app or activity tracker, click the top right bar with the the avatar, then the top right settings icon. Under Activity Settings, select Device and choose which device you want to connect to. 

WW app Connect your devices

SmartPoints Calculator + Shortcuts
The orange plus button is your shortcut to Favourites, My Foods, Activities, Weight Tracker and Quick Add/ Calculator. You can search for foods, meals and recipes by typing a key word in the search bar.

WW app smartpoints calculator

GOOD TO KNOW: We regularly update our app with new features and enhancements keep up to date with our latest app updates.

Got questions? Need help?Don't be shy! We're here for you. Get support and help from our team of Online Coaches 24/7 by opening up a Chat session via My Day on your Desktop  or by clicking on Coaching on the WW app.