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Download the Weight Watchers App for weight loss today

The WW app puts the Your Way+ program in your pocket.

WW app for health & weight loss

Our member app allows you take the Your Way+ program with you wherever you go! It's simple to track your weight loss, food and movement with our interactive tools.

Look up SmartPoints using the barcode scanner, browse healthy recipes, meet fellow members in the Connect social community and live chat with an expert coach whenever you need help or support.

Weight-loss tools and member community


  • Search 5,000+ Weight Watchers recipes by:
    Meal time: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
    Dietary: dairy free, diabetes friendly, gluten free, vegetarian, etc
    Filter by: SmartPoints, prep time and popularity
  • Sync your activity tracker and scales
  • Scan foods with the barcode scanner to view SmartPoints and track
  • Live chat to a coach 24/7 
  • Get inspiration from fellow members in the Connect social community


What does the WW app do?

Track your progress with My Day

'My Day' is your program home base and weight loss tracker. Toggle between Food and Activity using the split screen.

To look up foods or activities, type a search term into the search bar, hit 'Search' and browse the list. Tap or swipe right to add items to your dashboard.

The food barcode scanner is on the right for fast and easy access.

 'My Day' Dashboard

Discover healthy new recipes

Browse  5,000+ recipes by selecting a category such as quick & easy then apply filters such as meal time or SmartPoints.  

If you find a recipe or meal you like but want to customise it, hit the edit button to make it suit your taste buds.

You can also build your own recipes and meals and save them to your Favourites library. 

Discover Recipe

Food barcode scanner

We've made tracking as simple as scanning a food's barcodes. 

Once you've scanned a food or drink item and tracked it, you can save it as a favourite for next time.,

You can also view a list of all items you've scanned for quick reference. 

Food Barcode Scanner

Weight -loss graph and journey

Log your weekly weight, view your progress graphs, get motivational messages and view your milestone badges.

You'll also see the weeks you've stayed in the Food Tracking Zone and earned a 'blue dot' (the days you've tracked and stayed within your allowance).

Your Journey progress

'Connect' social support community

'Connect' is our amazing member-only social community. It's a positive and inspirational space to meet fellow members and share tips.

Share your photos and progress and follow updates from other members. It's a great place to meet new friends and boost your motivation!


'Connect' social community

24/7 live chat

Whether you need advice, motivation or technical help, our expert coaches are here to help you 24/7. 

Click on the Help tab to instantly chat with our of experts.

24/7 Online Coaching