Your health and weight-loss tracker

Published 17 November 2015

WW program and journey tracker

Our digital weight-loss and wellness tools makes it easy to keep track of your progress on the program. Tap to track your SmartPoints®, activity and weight, get help from our Live Chat WW Coaches and support from fellow Members in our online community 'Connect'. Our digital tools and app have everything you need to stick to the program for long-term health and weight loss success. Learn the highlights of our My Day journey dashbaord.

Weight loss dashboard

Along the top of your dashboard, you'll see how many SmartPoints you have left as well as how many daily and weeklies you have remaining. Find healthy recipe ideas or scan food barcodes at the supermarket to help you make the best choices for weight loss.

Food dashboard

'Food' dashboard displays everything you've tracked for that day, grouped by meal time. Click on a food item you've tracked to edit or delete, or track more foods by clicking 'Track'. Browse over 5000 recipes in our database. Found something you like but want to make some swaps? Click on edit to make your changes and save as your own recipe.

Activity dashboard

Track your activity to view your total steps and earned FitPoints®. We'll let you know how close you are to reaching your daily and weekly FitPoints goals. Every little bit of movement counts so there's no need to slog it out at the gym! If you have an activity device you can sync it to your account so your steps and activity are automatically counted and converted into FitPoints.

Journey dashboard

The 'Weight' dashboard is where you'll enter your weekly weight if you choose to. You can view your progress over 1 month, 3 months, etc and view milestone badges such as your first 5kg. If you have smart scales you can sync them to your account to update you weight automatically.