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“Being WW’s youngest Coach brings me so much happiness!”

Maggie's not only lost 20kg, she’s gained a new career, too.
Published 21 March 2022 | Updated 26 September 2022

Maggies weight-loss story

When trying to ‘eat healthy’ on her own didn’t deliver the weight loss results she was after, Maggie joined WW. Convinced that losing weight would make her happy, after losing 20kg over three years, Maggie is happier than ever but says that’s because of how WW helped changed her lifestyle, rather than the number on the scale.

"WW gave me my health and confidence back. The side effect was weight loss and better health."— Maggie

Q&A with Maggie

What was your reason for joining?

“After I turned 18 I started going out drinking every weekend and forgot about looking after my health. A year later, I felt terrible so joined WeightWatchers to lose weight because I thought that would make me happy.

WW did make me happy, but it wasn’t losing weight that did the trick – it was the way I felt about accomplishing the goals I’d set, creating new habits and connecting with my WW Coach and other members that made me happy again.

The things WW taught me gave me my confidence back, and the side effect was weight loss and better health.”

How have your eating changed?

“It was only once I joined WW that I realised how poor my food choices had been in the past, even when I was trying to ‘eat healthy’. My go-to breakfast was 13 Points! Looking back, I was very young and didn’t understand nutrition. WW has shown me how to incorporate a healthy diet into my lifestyle, and I love how flexible it is.

As well as still being able to eat out, I love how you can eat lower Points meals during the day so you can enjoy a dinner which might be higher in Points.

WW also has such a great variety of healhty recipes, so I can always cook whatever I feel like eating. I have a sweet tooth so am a big fan of the dessert recipes, like banana bread, bliss balls and pancakes. Being able to enjoy these makes me feel like I’m not missing out on anything.”

How has your lifestyle changed?

“I know that the habits I’ve created thanks to WW will stay with me forever because I don’t do them to look a certain way. I do them to feel at my best so I can perform at my best, including at work, when I’m studying, at the gym and even in my relationships.

Every Sunday I plan all my meals for the week ahead and every morning I do something active. When I eat breakfast, I track all my meals for the day and pack my lunchbox for work. And I always attempt to get to bed early so I can get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

WW has taught me how to be organised and to accomplish a healthy lifestyle. Now, if I don’t exercise or track my meals, it feels abnormal. These habits are like brushing my teeth so my day isn’t complete without them.”

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How do you feel these days?

“I feel amazing. Because every day starts with movement followed by a nutritious breakfast I always feel energised and ready to work hard. I have a clear mind and have been able to study and learn so much. And before WW, I was always sick and run down. My body was tired. Now, I haven’t been sick for two years.”

Tell us what you love about being a Coach?

“Being a WW Coach brings me so much happiness! Knowing that I can help other members with their health is incredible. Being healthy changes your life for the better, as you’re able to show more love to your friends and family and love the way you feel.

It’s very inspiring seeing other members on their weight loss journeys with WW and watching them discover new habits that help them every day.”

What’s your best advice for those curious about WW?

“WW supports weight loss because it focuses on mindset and good habits rather than focusing on the number on the scales. Instead of being restrictive, it shows you how to make healthy food choices wherever you are, so you can still go out with friends and family, and it also provides the mindset tools you need to move you towards your goals.

WW is a great community as well – WW Coaches and members are always happy to see your success and will always encourage you to continue your journey. And the weight loss journey is a ‘forever journey’, which WW sets you up for.”