Lisa’s health and self confidence has improved since losing 61kg

Since losing 61kg over two and half years, Lisa wishes she felt this good in her 30's as she does heading into her 50's.
Published 9 June 2022

Lisa's weight-loss story

What was life like before WeightWatchers®?

I had a very sedentary lifestyle. I had always sat behind a desk or in a car when working. Other than housework I wasn't very active. I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and psoriatic arthritis and I used these conditions as an excuse not to be more active. I was a fairly healthy eater but the more overweight I became the more I would eat takeaway as I was often too exhausted to cook healthy meals.

What made you join WeightWatchers?

I was exhausted all the time and my health problems were getting worse the more weight I gained. I struggled to walk to my letterbox. I really didn't like myself anymore.

Did you have a lightbulb moment?

There have been a lot really but basically there are so many foods that I thought were healthy but unfortunately they aren't as healthy as modern marketing would have us believe.

Lisa lost 61kg on WeightWatchers

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What is a typical day on WW like?

I no longer work behind a desk, I now work in a fast paced retail job. If I start early I walk in the afternoon, otherwise I walk approx 10 km before work. I eat a healthy lunch and try to plan ahead so I have ingredients ready to cook when I get home rather than eating take away. I try to keep snacks to a minimum but will have a piece of fruit if hungry. Chocolate, always been a favourite and I still crave it. I eat it most days, usually a small amount after dinner with a cuppa. I just make sure that I save enough Points.

What is life like now?

I have so much energy and am not afraid to do anything. Not only is my health better but my self confidence has improved beyond my expectations. While I have reduced doses and removed some medications I have left my journey a little late in life to possibly reduce all medications but my general health, fitness and wellbeing has improved beyond any expectations my GP had before I started my weight loss.

What is your best advice for others?

WW is not a "diet', you are in control of what you eat but the program teaches you how to learn moderation. My best advice is don't wait, especially younger people who are significantly overweight. The health benefits of weight loss will improve your quality of life.

"I wish I felt this good in my 30's as I do heading into my 50's."— Lisa