Julie is living her best life traveling around Australia 17kg lighter

With her 60th birthday, son’s wedding and caravan trip on the horizon, Julie set herself a goal to lose weight, get fit and feel fabulous!
Published 30 June 2022 | Updated 30 November 2022

Julie's weight-loss story

What was life like before WeightWatchers®?

When I looked in the mirror, I was not happy at my expanding waistline. My favourite dresses weren’t zipping up and I needed to do something to shift the weight. I was tired of the mental battle in my mind. I was always thinking, should I eat this? Has this got too much fat or sugar in it? These thoughts were exhausting not to mention adding menopause to the picture.

What made you join WeightWatchers?

I had a few big life events on the horizon. My 60th birthday and that same week was my son's wedding. I wanted to feel and look good. My energy levels were low and I’m married to a very fit and active husband! We were planning to travel Australia in our caravan and bike ride along the way. I needed help to be able to keep up and enjoy our big adventure. I saw a WW TV ad around Christmas time and this was my light bulb moment! I turned to my mum and sister and said “What do you think, should I join WW?” They both responded positively and said, “WW works”. My mum and sister had both been members and lost weight. Their advice was “Just do it!” So I did!

What was your first week on WW like?

During my first week I knew I’d found my support team. I started my journey at 88kg and set my goal weight of 69kg. When we set off on our caravan trip, Virtual Workshops were perfect for me and everything I needed to reach success was in the WW app. It is like having your own personal coach in your pocket.

Julie before and after weight loss

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Julie hiking and skiing and loving life at 60.

How have your eating habits changed?

WW has taught me so much about healthy eating, particularly about portion sizes and how to make smarter swaps for items lower in Points but still packed with flavour. I’ve now learned how to make healthy choices without questioning everything in my mind. The program guides you towards making the best food choices.

What are you most proud about?

Since joining in April 2021, I've lost 17kg over a year and am so close to my goal! 1kg to go! I know I'll get there and I’m not in a rush as my favourite saying from WW is “Perseverance not Perfection". My family is thrilled with my success too! Even my sister Shirley has rejoined WW as she is turning 70 next year and wants to feel fabulous.

What was one of your highlights along the way?

Definitely meeting my Coach Lisa in person after being in her Virtual Workshops on zoom for a year. I am so thankful for all her support and my WW family who always cheer me on!

How was your 60th birthday and son’s wedding?

It was thrilling to attend my son’s wedding feeling slim and confident, and to celebrate turning 60 looking as good as I feel! I am enjoying our caravanning adventure and riding my bike, hiking, skiing and climbing mountains. I'm so greatful to WW. I am living my best life and I look forward to continuing on this fabulous journey.

Julie at her son's wedding and enjoying bike riding.

"I am living my best life and I look forward to continuing on this fabulous journey. "— Julie