Robbie Williams Joins WW (Weight Watchers) | WW Australia

For Robbie Williams, looking after himself is everything.

“My “Why”—my reason for joining WW—is to feel better, healthier, and more positive.” —Robbie Williams

WW is for every body—including global music superstar Robbie Williams. Here he explains in his own words what inspired him to join WW.

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Robbie’s “Why”

“I've been given a lot of gifts: three children, an inspiring wife, and a wonderful life. If I don't take care of my emotional and mental wellbeing, I don't get to enjoy them as much.”


How he does it…

"I’m open to everything I can do a bit of boxing. I can ride a bike. I can lift weights. I can do yoga and Pilates."

“To me, wellness is about knowing I've pushed myself and the endorphins are kicking in. When I feel good about myself, I can be the best version of me.”


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