WeightWatchers® guide to a happy and healthy Easter - no missing out required!

We'll keep you busy over the Easter long weekend with cute recipes to try, things to do with the family and ways to keep active.
Published 4 January 2019 | Updated 27 March 2023

Tips for enjoying the Easter holiday on WW

For those following a healthy lifestyle, Easter can spark some nervous feelings. You've been tracking and earning those blue dots, seeing weight loss results and feeling in control. The goods news is on WW you don't need to sweat! You can continue your momentum into Easter while staying within your Points Budget.

Celebrating Easter on the WeightWatchers program means that that nothing is off limits! Choose the foods you want to eat and enjoy, stay within your Points Budget and fill up and snack on your ZeroPoint foods. Special occasions like Easter is also a great chance to use your rollover Points.

Keep reading for some delicious, Point-friendly recipes, tips for healthy Easter eating and fun ways to keep active with the family this long weekend.