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Learn how to make the most of our exclusive member community.

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What is Connect?

Connect is our exclusive social community for members. Once you join, Connect gives you a safe and secure place to celebrate and share your weight-loss journey, seek tips and support other members along the way.

What can I do on Connect?

  • NEW! Share videos about your journey
  • Post status updates, photos and before and afters
  • Like and comment on others members' posts
  • Follow members you want to keep up with 
  • View other members tips for motivation

How do I access Connect?

Download the WW app and you'll see the Connect icon along the bottom of your home screen:

How to use Connect

Or on the website, log in and click on Connect from your top navigation.

Connect hot tips

NEW: Post a video 

1. Open up Connect via the WW app and tap on 'Share with us...'
2. Tap on 'Add Photo or Video'
3. Tap 'Capture' to start recording your video and red stop button when done.
4. Add a comment and some hashtags
5. Hit the orange 'Post' button

To edit or delete your posts, click on the the three dots next to the like and comment button.

Embrace the #hashtag

Create a hashtag that has your name on it. For example if your username is jezzy, add #jezzysjourney on all posts that you want to look back on.  Add hashtags for challenges and groups you participate in to all of your posts such as #wwwalkers #wwrun5k

You can also add hashtags for favourite recipes, or activities you enjoy like #earlyriser, #lovetobake or #mumofthree to your posts so other members with similar interests can find you.

Use a hashtags such as #wwwalkers, #30daychallenge or #summerchallenge. Join a challenge by searching for hashtags then add the same hashtags to the bottom of your posts so that other members can find you.

Learn WW slang and acronyms

NSV = Non-Scale Victory
SP = SmartPoints

Follow other members for inspiration 

Click on 'Follow' from their post or profile, then all of their posts will show up in your following feed.

Follow other members

Weight Watchers Ambassador Sarah shows how to use Connect

Be in control of your privacy settings

Under your settings you can choose your Privacy Setting:

​Public Profile
This means that your posts are visible to other members. Other members can follow you without needing approval. Your age, gender, weight, and other personal information are always private.

Private Profile
This means that your posts are are not visible to other members without specifically approving them. Other members can REQUEST to follow you but will not see any of your posts posts until they are approved by you. 

Take advantage of your news feeds 

'Trending' is where you'll see the most popular posts from other members in the community. You can also filter posts by 'New', 'Members you are Following' and use 'Search and Explore' to find Members and Hashtags.

Master posting on Connect

You can make four types of posts types of posts . 

Status - text update - don't forget to add #hashtags!
Photo - photo - maybe on your walk or your healthy lunch
Before After - two photos side by side 
Video - post a video about your day or your advice

TIP! After selecting or taking a photo, you can customise it with filters, captions and fonts.

Got more questions or need some help?

We're always here to give you more tips or help you out. Open up  Live Chat session 24/7 and we'll be ready to assist you!