Your health and weight-loss tracker

Learn how our online weight loss tracker and app will help you follow the WeightWatchers program.
Published 17 November 2015 | Updated 31 October 2023

Effortlessly track your progress on the WeightWatchers® program with our digital weight-loss and wellness tools. With just a tap, you can track your food, activity, sleep, and weight. Take advantage of our 24/7 Live Chat feature with a WW Coach for additional support, and connect with other members in our exclusive online community 'Connect'. Our comprehensive WW app is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to reach long-term health and weight loss success. Learn the highlights of our My Day dashboard below.

Points tracker

Along the top of your main dashboard, you'll see:

  • Your Daily Points: This shows you how many Points you have left to use today. These Points reset every day, and you can spend them on any foods you want.
  • Your Points used today: This is the total number of Points you’ve tracked across meals so far today.
  • Your Weekly Points: These flexible Points can be used as a cushion during the week on any foods you choose. They’re part of your total Points Budget and reset weekly.

Food tracker

The 'Food' section displays everything you've tracked for that day, grouped by meal time. Click on a food item you've tracked to edit or delete, or track more foods by clicking 'Track'. Under the 'What to eat' tab is your home for recipes, restaurant and cuisine ordering guides, and advice from WW experts. You can also browse over 6,000 Point-friendly recipes in our database. Found something you like but want to make some swaps? Click on edit to make your changes and save as your own recipe.

>> How do I track a food?

It’s just a few taps to track a food.

  1. Type the name in the search bar > Hit Search.
  2. Select the (+) icon on the far right of the food to track the default serving.
  3. If you want to change the default serving, tap on the name of the food and the food details will appear. From here, you can adjust the serving.
  4. Once tracked, a blue checkmark and message will appear confirming the food has been added to your meal log. To remove the tracked food from your My Day meal log, simply tap “Undo” in the message.

>> How do I edit or delete a tracked food?

You can edit or delete a tracked food right from your My Day dashboard.

To edit:

  1. From the meal log on My Day, tap on the food you’d like to edit.
  2. Adjust the serving size, meal time, or date, as necessary, and tap Update Food.

To delete:

  1. From the meal log on My Day, swipe left on the food you’d like to remove.

Activity tracker

Track your activity to view your total steps and the Points added to your Weekly Budget. We'll let you know how close you are to reaching your daily and weekly goals. Every little bit of movement counts so there's no need to slog it out at the gym if that's not your style! If you have an activity device you can sync it to your account so your steps and activity are automatically counted and converted into Points.

Weight loss tracker

The 'Weight' dashboard is where you'll enter your weekly weight if you choose to. You can view your progress over 1 month, 3 months, etc and view milestone badges such as your first 5kg. If you have smart scales you can sync them to your account to update your weight automatically.