Understanding rollovers on WeightWatchers®

Are you preparing for a special event? Learn how rollover Points can help you get the most out of your budget. In this guide, we will explain how rollovers work and how to use them effectively.
Published 22 April 2019 | Updated 6 June 2024

Do you find that your weekend eating habits differ from those on weekdays? Not to worry - rollovers offer the flexibility to use fewer Points one day and save them for another day when you need them. But before we explore how rollovers work, let's delve into what makes up your Points Budget if you're following either the WeightWatchers Points or Diabetes Program.

What's included in a budget?

  • Daily Points: These are the Points you get to ensure you have enough to eat. They reset every day, and you can spend them on any foods you want. If you go over or under your dailies, that’s OK!
  • Weekly Points (commonly known as weeklies): These provide a cushion for your budget. They are refilled every week and can be used any way you like, such as a handful every day, all in one day, or not at all. You can also add weekly Points to your budget by tracking activity.
  • Rollovers: Unused daily Points - up to four - are saved and automatically rolled over into your weekly Points Budget. You can use them anytime during that week.

What are rollovers?

Up to 4 Points that you don’t use in a day will be automatically rolled over into your weekly Points Budget. You'll get a notification letting you know how many we rolled over.

Use those rollovers however you want throughout the week. A glass of wine, an extra helping, some dessert—whatever you want! You might be thinking, will that impact my weight loss? Rest assured that these rollovers are built into our successful Points system, so you can (and should!) feel free to use them how you like.

Wait, give me an example...

So, say your daily budget is 23 and you spend 19 of them today. We'll automatically roll over those extra 4 Points into your weeklies. If the same thing happens tomorrow, we'll do it again. There’s nothing for you to do but enjoy them if you want to!

One thing to remember is that your weekly Points Budget gets reset on your weigh-in day, so you can’t carry over any unused Points, including rollovers, into the following week. Use 'em or lose 'em.

Turning off rollovers

You can modify your settings to turn them on or off. Just go to your profile from the My Day dashboard. Then Settings > Food Settings and turn off your rollovers.

Have questions?

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