Weight loss

How to lose weight without overhauling your lifestyle

These six weight loss tips will help you shed excess kilos without expending extra effort.
Published 1 January 2018

Simple tweaks can make a major difference for easy weight loss. To see for yourself, start by committing to these six behaviours below. Just don't be surprised when the number on the scale goes down.

1. Keep smart food choices close by

If you're craving a salty snack but happen to have a piece of fruit on hand, chances are you'll go for the most convenient option regardless of your preference, according to 2014 Saint Bonaventure University that was published in the journal Appetite in 2014: When researchers offered undergraduates both popcorn and apples, participants ate whichever one was nearest them. Overall, those situated closest to the fruit consumed roughly 2.5 times fewer calories than those with popcorn at the ready. To emulate the experiment on your own, stock your desk with Point-friendly snacks or stash ZeroPoint™ fruit or vegies in your bag when you're on the go.

2. Swap out cream and sugar

While you can indulge in your favourite coffee and tea drinks on the WW program, you'll save a ton of PersonalPoints by ordering an unsweetened beverage instead. Hate the taste of coffee unless it's light and sweet? Try to halve the amount of sugar you add and use low-fat milk instead of full cream. Or, go for unsweetened tea with lemon.

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3. Make water your go-to drink

This essential kilojoule-free fluid can help you eat less naturally when you empty your glass once or twice before meals: In a 2013 systematic review of existing clinical studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that drinking more water helped dieters achieve their weight loss goals. After all, H2O fills you up, which may reduce your overall food intake. What's more, drinking ample amounts of water set you up for regular bathroom runs. Meaning? You could find yourself moving more throughout the day—a healthy practice regardless of your weight loss goal.

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4. Eat yoghurt for breakfast

This portable, no-cook breakfast option delivers upwards of 20 grams of filling protein per serving—99% fat-free plain yoghurt is also a ZeroPoint food category on the WW program. What's more, research suggests that dietary protein boosts satiety and may help the body burn more energy at rest—all while preserving lean muscle mass during weight loss.

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5. Measure out heavy dips and dressings

Often high in fat and added sugars, condiments can contribute a lot of Points in relatively small servings. Using a measuring spoon or cup to dole out a dollop can help keep you on track.

6. Choose alcohol or dessert

Life is full of difficult decisions—and you don't have to choose booze or baklava on the WW program. However, when you begin dinner with a glass of wine and top the meal off with dessert, you could easily blow through as much as half your daily Budget before accounting for an entrée. Choose one to leave room for wholesome foods that actually fill you up and you won't have to worry about the math.

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