WeightWatchers® vs Keto Diet

Diet comparison

WeightWatchers® vs. Keto diet

Losing weight can be tough—we’re here to make it easier. In this article, we'll compare the keto diet with the WeightWatchers weight loss program. We'll examine the types of foods consumed, potential health risks, and how easy it is to incorporate both options into your daily routine.

Does keto work for weight loss?

The keto diet involves eating a diet that's very low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein, so that 70 to 80 per cent of your total energy intake comes from fat. The theory is that if you deprive your body of its main source of energy (glucose from carbohydrate-containing foods), it goes into a state of ketosis, where it burns fat stored in the body for fuel, instead. During this process, by-products called ketones are produced, which are then used by the body's muscles, tissues, and brain.

Some people claim that the keto diet works well for weight loss but find it hard to sustain. Foods high in saturated fat come with known health risks including increased risk of heart disease. If you have pre-existing liver or kidney conditions, heart disease or diabetes, you should seek the advice of a doctor before undertaking any significant changes to your diet.

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What can I eat on this plan?

Everything’s on the menu! The WeightWatchers program has food, activity, sleep, and mindset features designed to make weight loss easier. It builds on our proven Points system, which converts calories, saturated fat, added sugar, fibre and protein into one easy-to-use value. There are different ways to follow WW that provide tailored Points Budgets, along with ZeroPoint foods that you don’t have to track or measure. Of course, balanced, healthy eating behaviours are still recommended.

You must eliminate most foods and beverages that contain carbohydrates: bread, cereal, rice, pasta, beans, fruit, starchy vegetables, milk, and alcohol. The keto diet limits you to only 20 to 40 grams of carbs per day. That's like having one slice of bread and a piece of fruit, or a half-cup rice or pasta, as your only carb-containing food for the entire day.


The program has been developed based on principles of nutrition and behaviour-change science to build healthy habits around food, activity, sleep, and mindset. Our easy-to-use features, including our new 'What's in your fridge' tool that suggests recipes based on what you already have, techniques that you can learn through new 5-Minute Coaching audio sessions, and weekly topics help guide members towards smarter food choices, moving more, sleeping better, and more helpful ways of thinking.

The keto diet is a highly restrictive food plan that puts your body into a state of physiologic ketosis. Much of the initial weight loss is due to water loss, which is immediately reversed when carbs are reintroduced into your diet.

Health risks

WeightWatchers was named the #1 doctor-recommended weight-loss program based on a 2020 IQVIA survey of 14,000 doctors who recommend weight-loss programs to patients (US study).

There could be potential health risks for people with certain medical conditions following the ketogenic diet, which has not been well studied in a variety of settings or with high risk populations.

Social support

In-person and Virtual Workshops, WW coaches, 24/7 live coaching, customer service, and Connect (an exclusive social network with other members for motivation and inspiration whenever you need it).

Blogs written by followers of the keto diet, physician- and nutritionist-written literature, and online communities or trending topics.

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WW keto inspired recipes

The WW program is suitable for all dietary preferences. If you prefer to follow a keto or low carb inspired way of eating, the WW program can help. Try these recipes that offer higher protein and lower carbs.

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