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Celebrate non-scale victories

In short: They're proof that stepping on the scale isn't the only way to gauge your weight-loss efforts.
Published 7 November 2020

It's easy to get caught up in the numbers when you're weighing in every week. You worked so hard! You want that scale to say your hard work is…well, working.

Relying solely on the scale for feedback might not be the best approach. If it shows that you didn't lose or that you gained, you might feel disappointed. It might even feel like a setback.

But if you put the scale in perspective and focus on other achievements, your weight-loss journey will feel a lot less hit or miss. Imagine the potential! Approaching every day with a positive attitude could make you more successful in the long run. And that's what this is really about.

What does NSV mean?

If you've seen the abbreviation "NSV" on Instagram or Connect, or heard a WW member use the term in a Workshop, you've probably wondered what it meant. The letters stand for "non-scale victories," the small, everyday indicators that mark your progress.

Try thinking of it this way: The NSVs are what your hard work is really about. And as for the numbers on the scale? They're the added bonus. Sure, keeping track of the weight loss is an important part of the weight loss program. But also acknowledging your progress in other areas can help you be more positive.

For example, here are some non-scale victories that are well worth celebrating:

  • Your clothes fit better.
  • It's easier to walk up stairs and play with your kids.
  • You have more energy.
  • You feel more positive and better about yourself.
  • You're noticing that you eat more vegetables and drink more water.

It's important to recognise changes, even if they feel minor in the moment. You'll realise that you're progressing in behaviours, attitudes, skills, and choices that will last you a lifetime at a healthy weight.