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5 ways to boost your motivation

You don’t need to be tough on yourself to stay motivated. Here’s what really works.
Published 2 December 2018

5 ways to renew your weight-loss motivation

You may have started off your weight-loss journey with a clear goal in mind, whether that was to lose weight to improve your health, to feel more energised to keep up with your children, or just because it was something you wanted to do for yourself. But sometimes, after a few months, other things in life can start to cloud your focus.

Maybe you gained a few kilos during a holiday, which has left you feeling disheartened. Or it can be discouraging if your weight loss has slowed or come to a standstill. It could feel like you’re slipping back into old habits, or you may just feel like your focus has slipped a bit.

But rather than viewing those hiccups as a reason to throw in the towel, with a bit of self-compassion, you can see them as learning opportunities instead. And when you do that, you’ll not only overcome the obstacles, you can refocus and reinvigorate your motivation to keep going as well.

Here are a few ideas to renew your weight-loss motivation:

1. Feeling a bit ‘same old, same old’?

Look back at your tracker on your My Day dashobard in your WW app. Are you eating the same foods over and over again? Does the idea of eating the same foods make you feel deprived? Try browsing through your WW cookbooks, WW reicpes online and check out the latest recipe collections, or search for inspo using your app to access over 6,000 recipes.

2. Share your experience

Make contact with other WW members via Connect or the WW AUNZ Facebook page, to share how you’re feeling and grab some advice and tips from others.

3. Seek support

Talking to family and friends or finding a weight-loss partner may be just what you need to keep going.

4. Be inspired!

Read the collection of WW success stories, so you can learn what worked for others and get a shot of inspiration at the same time.

5. Remember, small changes lead to big results

Keep your motivation levels sky high by setting some new small, achievable goals. It works because, if the prospect of achieving your Goal weight seems far from your reach right now, being able to take your weight loss one step at a time by focusing on smaller milestones, will keep you motivated. Choose some smaller goals that work for you personally, like:

  • Aim to: fit into that pair of jeans that are just a little too snug right now.
  • Challenge yourself to: stay on track in the month leading up to a big event.
  • Work on becoming fitter to: be able to run around for 10 minutes with the kids.

Try recording your goals and a timeframe to accomplish them in, so you’re clear about what you want to achieve. And, once you achieve one of them, why not reward yourself with a magazine or that new top you’ve had your eye on? Go on, you’ve earned it.