How to use your Points at KFC

Our handy guide on how to make the best choices at KFC when you're using your Points.
Published 29 May 2023 | Updated 1 July 2024

Ask around, and you’ll probably find that most people have a favourite menu item from KFC. Maybe it’s their hot, seasoned chips with a side of mash and gravy, the Zinger burger with crispy and succulent chicken, or the famous popcorn chicken. No matter where you are, chances are there’s a KFC nearby—and at WeightWatchers®, KFC is still on the menu. From burgers and wraps to salad bowls, there are plenty of options on the KFC menu that you can fit into your Budget. Use our guide next time you visit the Colonel:

Classic favourites


  • Zinger burger: 11 Points
  • Original recipe burger: 10 Points
  • Original recipe chicken (1 piece): 7 Points
  • Wicked wings (3 pieces): 11 Points
  • Chicken nuggets with dipping sauce (6 pieces): 11 Points
  • Popcorn chicken (regular): 12 Points

New Zealand:

  • Zinger burger: 13 Points
  • Kentucky mayo twister: 14 Points
  • Snack burger: 12 Points
  • Secret recipe chicken tenders (1 piece): 2 Points
  • Popcorn chicken (mini): 5 Points
  • Chicken nuggets (6 pieces): 7 Points

Lighter options


  • Original pepper mayo slider: 9 Points
  • Original BBQ slider: 8 Points
  • Original supercharged slider: 8 Points
  • Zinger crunch bowl: 9 Points

New Zealand:

  • Aioli slider: 7 Points
  • Kentucky mayo slider: 8 Points
  • BBQ Slider: 9 Points
  • Shaker salad with popcorn chicken: 10 Points


McDonalds fries


  • Chips (regular): 9 Points
  • Coleslaw (regular): 3 Points
  • Potato and gravy (regular): 2 Points
  • Dinner roll: 3 Points

New Zealand:

  • Chips (regular): 8 Points
  • Coleslaw (regular): 4 Points
  • Potato and gravy (regular): 2 Points
  • Bread roll: 4 Points

How to track KFC

Tracking your meals on the app is quick and easy, even if you’re eating out. Tap the menu icon (top left) from your My Day dashboard screen, scroll down to ‘Explore Restaurants' and type in KFC. Click to see all menu items and their Points value.