How to use your Points at Fishbowl

Our handy guide on how to make the best choices at Fishbowl when you're following the WeightWatchers program.
Published 14 June 2023 | Updated 1 July 2024

Poké bowls have become increasingly popular and trendy in recent times. Ask around and you’ll probably find that most people have their go-to bowl. Whether it’s seafood, chicken or vegetarian-based, there’s something for everyone at Fishbowl. The beauty of poké bowls is that they’re customisable, so you’ve got the ability to make up a complete meal with a combination of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

There are plenty of options on the Fishbowl menu that you can fit into your Points Budget. Use our guide next time you’re at Fishbowl to help you make the best choice to suit your Points Budget.

House favourites

Take the decision work out of your meal and order one of the Fishbowl house favourites. These come with a pre-determined combination of protein, veggies, toppings and dressing - all you need to do is select your base and track this as a separate item in the WeightWatchers® app. To save on Points, order a mixed base, like the examples below.

  • Tofu Boys Bowl (7 Points) + Brown Rice and Cabbage (3 Points): 10 Points
  • Spring Chicken Bowl (8 Points) + Mixed Leaves (0 Points): 8 Points
  • O.G. Salmon Bowl (10 Points) + Mixed Cabbage (0 Points): 10 Points
  • Miso Eggplant Bowl (8 Points) + Glass Noodles and Cabbage Base (2 Points): 10 Points

*Points values are based on regular-size bowls

DIY bowls

Prefer to build your own bowl from scratch? No worries! The WW app makes this easy to do. Follow the steps below to build your own bowl.

  1. Track your base (e.g. glass noodle and cabbage)
  2. Track your protein filling (e.g. miso eggplant)
  3. Track your toppings (e.g. crispy shallots)
  4. Track your dressing (e.g. spicy shoyu)

Remember, there’s no need to track any extra veg you add, since they’re ZeroPoint foods, so fill-up on as many veggies as you like!