The ultimate ad break workout

Only have two workout minutes? WeightWatchers® member Lorena Antoun shows you how to make the best use of TV commercials.
Published 1 July 2020

Ad break workout

1. Static lunges

40 seconds

1. Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart in a split stance. Your hips and shoulders should be square on.

2. Slowly lower your back knee down so that it is only a couple of centimetres off the ground. Keep your spine upright as you lunge down, your torso should not move forwards.

3. Push through your front heel and slowly come back to your starting position.

4. Swap legs halfway through.

2. Modified burpee

40 seconds

1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width and your toes turned out slightly.

2. Slowly bend your knees and lower into a squat. Place your hands down on the floor just inside your feet. You should be balanced here.

3. Engage your core and transfer your weight into your hands as you step your feet back one at a time into a high plank position.

4. Step your feet back in to just outside your hands and come up to a standing position.

Tip: The closer your feet are to your hands the easier it will be to come up to a standing position without falling forwards.

Modified Burpee

3. Squat

40 seconds

1. Standing with your feet just wider than hip distance apart, with your weight towards your heels, slowly lower until your thighs are as close to parallel to the ground as you can get.

2. You may find it easier to raise your arms in front to keep your balance.

3. Pause at the bottom and then slowly raise back to a standing position.

Advance move: Try jump squats to take it to the next level.