20 minute cardio circuit

Do this 20 minute cardio workout twice a week for great results!
Published 7 March 2018

4 moves for a 20 minute workout

Cardio is a great form of activity to combine with other types of movement. Here are some key cardio exercises you can incorporate into a 20-minute routine twice a week.

Why do cardio?

This type of activity helps with weight loss and reduces the risk of developing many lifestyle related chronic illnesses. With minimal equipment you can create a workout that is constantly changing and challenging to all levels of fitness.

What you'll need: Skipping rope and a bench or a set of stairs.

Repeat the following circuit three times in total.

Jog/Run31 min on / 30 secs off
Skipping31 min on / 30 secs off
Step ups31 min on / 30 secs off
Lateral shuffles31 min on / 30 secs off

1. Jog/Run

1 minute on then / 30 seconds rest.

2. Skipping

1 minute on then / 30 seconds rest.

Tip: To reduce the impact, jump on a soft surface such as grass or a rubber playground flooring.

3. Step ups

1 min on then / 30 seconds rest.

Tip: If you've got a set of stairs close by, you can swap this for a stair walk or jog instead.

4. Lateral shuffles

1 minute on then / 1 minute rest.