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Quorn™ sausage layer bake

Points® value
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
15 min
50 min
Sausages are a favourite and these vegetarian ones are packed with plenty of flavour. A perfect family meal – serve with plenty of fresh veg.


Potatoes, Raw

250 g, preferably Deisiree or Maris Piper


500 g, beef steak


100 g, thinly sliced

Quorn vegetarian sausage

250 g


1 pinch

Black pepper


Dried Mixed Herbs

½ teaspoon(s)

Half Fat Crème Frâiche

4 tablespoon(s), level

Medium White Wine

15 ml, (1 tbsp)

Wholegrain Mustard

1 teaspoon(s), level


  1. Preheat oven to 180°c/gas 4.
  2. Slice the potatoes thinly either by hand or using a food processor, (no need to peel, but scrub well). Put into a pan and just cover with cold water, bring to the boil and simmer for 3 minutes. Drain well.
  3. Slice the Quorn sausages and the tomatoes.
  4. Spray the base and sides of a 1.5ltr ovenproof dish with fry light spray, cover the bottom with the potato slices, overlapping. Season spray with a little more cooking spray and scatter a pinch of dried herbs over.
  5. Place the slices of Quorn sausages on top of the potatoes and scatter over the sliced onions, spray and season.
  6. Finally top with overlapping slices of tomato, spray over a little fry light or use a drizzle of olive oil or sprinkle about 10g of finely grated parmesan cheese over.
  7. Bake for 40-45 minutes until top is lightly browned.
  8. Serve with steamed green vegetables and an optional wholegrain mustard sauce drizzled over. To make the sauce; place all ingredients in a small pan, mix well, bring to the boil and simmer for 1-2 minutes before spooning a small quantity onto the top of each portion of the bake.