Photo of Mexican platter by WW

Mexican platter

Points® value
Total Time
1 hr 45 min
1 hr 30 min
15 min
‘Healthified’ Mexican dishes are one of the biggest trends around, and our version ticks all the boxes!



250 g

Coriander, fresh

1 tablespoon(s)

Red onion

1 small

Lime Juice, Fresh

6 teaspoon(s)


2 large


2 clove(s)

Chilli, green or red

¼ individual

Black beans in water

100 g

Sweetcorn, tinned, drained

80 g

Red pepper

1 medium

Carrots, raw

1 medium

Spring Onions

1 medium

Olive Oil

4 teaspoon(s)

Ground Cumin

1 teaspoon(s), level

Cayenne Pepper

¼ teaspoon(s), level


¼ teaspoon(s), level

Beef sirloin steak, lean, raw

220 g

Chilli flakes

1 pinch

King Prawns, Raw

800 g

WW Wholemeal Wraps

6 individual

Half fat Cheddar cheese

50 g, grated

Reduced fat soured cream

120 ml


1 individual, shredded


  1. To make the guacamole, coarsely mash the avocado with a fork in a small bowl. Stir in 1 tbsp coriander, 2 tsp chopped onion and 1 tsp lime juice. Season and set aside.
  2. To make the salsa, finely chop the tomatoes and chilli and put them in a small bowl with 2 tsp chopped onion, 1 tsp lime juice and ½ crushed garlic clove. Season to taste and stir to combine. Set aside.
  3. To make the black bean salad, combine the black beans, sweetcorn, chopped red pepper, grated carrot, sliced spring onion, 2 tsp lime juice and ½ crushed garlic clove in a bowl and season to taste. Set aside.
  4. To make the chilli beef, combine 1 tsp oil with ½ tsp ground cumin, ¼ tsp cayenne pepper and ¼ tsp smoked paprika in a small bowl, then rub all over the steak. Heat a large nonstick frying pan over a medium-high heat and sear the steak for 1-2 minutes on each side for rare, or until cooked to your liking. Transfer to a plate, cover with kitchen foil and set aside to rest for 5 minutes before thinly slicing.
  5. Meanwhile, to prepare the prawns, add 1 ½ tsp oil to the frying pan and heat over a medium-high heat. Add ½ crushed garlic clove, ½ tsp cumin and the chilli flakes. Cook, stirring, for 10 seconds. Add half the prawns and cook, tossing occasionally, for 3 minutes or until the prawns are golden and cooked through. Transfer to a plate and cover with kitchen foil. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. Toss in 2 tsp lime juice just before serving.
  6. Warm the wraps to pack instructions and arrange on a large serving platter with the prepared dishes and the cheese, soured cream and lettuce.


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