Photo of Crispy chicken cutlets with tarragon butter vegetables by WW

Crispy chicken cutlets with tarragon butter vegetables

Points® value
Total Time
40 min
20 min
20 min
Crisp and crunchy on the outside, and juicy and tender on the inside – these coated chicken fillets, served with steamed veg tossed with tarragon butter, are great for family meals.


Chicken breast, skinless, raw

4 medium

Plain White Flour

30 g

Egg, whole, raw

2 medium, raw, lightly beaten

Breadcrumbs, fresh

60 g

Calorie controlled cooking spray

4 spray(s)

Carrots, raw

2 medium, cut into batons

Green Beans

200 g, trimmed


100 g


20 g, softened

Tarragon, fresh

30 g, chopped


½ medium


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C, fan 180°C, gas mark 6. Line a large baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Put the chicken between 2 sheets of clingfilm and bash with a rolling pin to a thickness of 1cm.
  3. Put the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs into 3 separate shallow bowls. Dust the chicken in the flour, then dip it in the egg and finally the breadcrumbs to coat. Transfer to the prepared baking tray and mist all over with cooking spray. Bake for 15-20 minutes until cooked through and golden.
  4. Meanwhile, put the carrots into a large steamer set over a pan of boiling water. Steam for 6-7 minutes, then add the green beans and steam for another 2-3 minutes, until tender. Add the spinach and steam for 2 minutes, until wilted. Transfer the vegetables to a serving bowl and toss with the butter and tarragon. Season to taste and serve with the chicken and lemon wedges.


Serve each portion with 175g boiled and crushed new potatoes on the side