WeightWatchers vs Second Nature

At WW we appreciate that when it comes to choosing a wellness and weight loss plan, you have choices - and lots of them!
Published 25 May, 2022

Set up by two former NHS health advisors in 2015, Second Nature focuses on a combination of education, support, and personal accountability. The programme empowers subscribers to make their own choices based on knowledge and science.

1) What’s the Plan?

Here’s the headline. No two plans are alike - no two people are alike, so the plan is all about YOU!

We call it Points® because that’s exactly what it is - a 100% individualised weight-loss programme. Just answer some quick questions via our super-fast, super-clever Points® Engine, and you’ll get your unique Points Budget, plus an extensive ZeroPoint food list which include many fish, lean meat, wholegrains, and eggs.

But what you eat is only part of your wellness story. There are four key pillars that are your “north star” to sustained success - food, activity, mindset and sleep.

Mindset is front, side, and centre - and every week you get a weekly technique on how to focus in order to stay on track, while regular activity and better sleep habits are reflected across the whole programme.

Tell me more.

Second Nature

While it runs over a core 12-month plan, Second Nature breaks down into three four-month phases - core, growth, and maintain. And every member gets assigned their own dietician or nutritionist to guide them on their journey. This is a programme that does take into account more than what is being eaten, looking at stress, sleep, and mindset, and is very big on “behavioural change techniques”.

2) How much can I expect to lose?


You can expect to lose around 1-2lbs per week. It’s a healthy weight-loss average at a very healthy rate, and the freedom and science-backed nature of Points makes that sustainable, so it’s weight loss that works and success that lasts. Still thinking a quick fix is the answer? We suggest you read this first.

Second Nature

There is no stated average weight loss to be quoted, but there is NHS backing and an onsite claim that “94% of people keep the weight off for 12 months”.

3) All I really need to know is what can I eat?

We’ll keep it short and sweet - with Points, nothing is off the menu, or your plate. We kid you not - and no food is off-limits. You’re the one that’s in control of what you choose to eat, plus when and how you add to Points. And that ZeroPoint food list is great for having more of what you love without breaking into your Budget. Bring it on!

Dietary requirements? We’ve got you covered with these FREE 5-day meal plans, including vegetarian, pescetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

Second Nature

This is another plan which doesn’t set out to “ban” or disqualify any food. It’s about nutritional knowledge, decision-making, and understanding how other factors affect food choices. And while low-carb choices are recommended and written about, this is not a hard and fast rule. Knowledge on protein and healthy fats plus a reduction in processed foods is part of the learning curve.

4) How do I track my food?


The WW app will become your new best friend. And with good reason. Not only is it where you’ll complete that Points engine, but it opens a massive virtual door to super-easy, super-speedy food, water, activity, and sleep tracking. Download the WW app from the App Store and Google Play, and boom, there’s a built-in barcode scanner, meal planners and more!

Second Nature

Food tracking is not part of the plan. Subscribers are asked to track weight, steps, and sleep - as well as keeping track of what’s going on in the head, but this relies on personal accountability rather than a scientific calculation.

5) Tell me more about the app

You know we just told you the app is your new best friend and it’s a little bit amazing? Well first it’s the one great app for all members - no splits here. And on top all the essential tracking, scanning, and meal planning stuff, there’s all this:

  • Thousands of recipes, and the What’s in your fridge feature
  • Weekly techniques, tips and inspiration
  • Educational articles including member success stories and ambassador inspo
  • Meditations from Breathe, fun guided workouts from Obe
  • Members-only social community Connect, which covers anything from veggie meal plans to managing stress

Support and specialist content across all life stages, from new mums to menopause

Oh yes, you can even sync your fitness device so you can track every step

Whatever you need on your weight loss and wellness journey, if you’re a WW member it’s all there on the one app.

Second Nature

The app gives you access to a nutritionist, peer-group support, and bespoke articles, lists, and quizzes designed to increase awareness on health, food, sleep, activity, and stress management. Every new member is given a support group that aligns with common joining-up time. Specialist segments include menopause, overcoming weight plateaus, and food groups. There are also around 300 recipes, and a meal planner.

6) What’s the deal with in-person workshops?

Physical in-person workshops are still VERY much a WW thing! Led by expert WW Coaches trained in nutrition science, many have completed their own WW wellness journey so know what you’re facing and just how and when to motivate. If you still like to get all science-based behavioural techniques that support habit change while sharing tips, stories, and successes with the group, then this is great for you. And yes, there is a weigh-in with your Coach. Find your nearest Workshop to accelerate your weight loss in a friendly, supportive environment.

But virtual workshops provide all the above - you just need to take accountability for your own weight tracking and find a class at the right time for you via the app.

Second Nature

There are no physical workshops, everything is app-based or online.

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