Healthy pasta recipes

Pasta doesn't need to be off limits! Our nutritionist-approved healthy pasta recipes are packed with nutrients, are well-balanced and most importantly delicious.
Published 5 June 2019

Enjoy pasta as part of healthy diet

Do you have to cut pasta out of your diet to lose weight and be healthy? The short answer is no. Sure pasta is high in carbohydrates and regular varieties aren't high in protein, but that’s no reason to remove it entirely from your diet. You can create healthy pasta recipes, with our WW nutritionist-approved healthy pasta meals below.

Tips for making healthy pasta

  • Choose wholemeal varieties. Wholemeal pasta contains the bran and germ of the grain and is higher in fibre than regular pasta made of durum wheat semolina. Spelt, high-fibre and pulse pasta varieties are other healthy options to try.
  • Watch pasta serving portions. A serve of pasta is half a cup of cooked pasta (75-120g).
  • Increase protein with extra vegetables. Adding a source of lean protein and veggies to your pasta dish will increase your nutrient intake and will help create a healthy, well-balanced pasta dish.