Sample meal plan for WW

Wondering what you'll eat on WW? Download our free 3 day meal plans to discover how tasty healthy eating can be.

WW meal plans for weight loss

Download our free 3 day balanced diet plans (including& vegan or vegetarian) on our WW Blue food plan to discover how simple and tasty achieving your weight loss goals can be.

What will I eat on the WW program?

The myWW+ program is a game changer when it comes to healthy eating. It's our most customised program ever, designed to suit your unique eating preferences and lifestyle. You don't need to eat special foods for the different food plans, you still choose what you eat, but we'll give you more or less freedom when it comes to choosing and tracking what you eat.

How do I get started on myWW+?

When you join WW, we'll match you to a food plan that suits you best and give you a personalised SmartPoints® Budget to spend. You'll enjoy eating a range of healthy, delicious foods as you learn how lose weight and keep it off, plus our award winning app and support from our Coaches and Member community will keep you inspired and motivated along the way.