Shop smart: Dips

Find the perfect partner for your cracker, pita or vegetable stick with our handy, go-to guide.

SmartPoints values of store-bought dip


It’s that time of year when entertaining friends and family is often on the cards —even at short notice. A great way to ensure you’re always prepared? Stock your fridge with some yummy dips. That way, when guests arrive, providing nibbles is as easy as opening a lid and chopping up some vegetable sticks. But with so many flavours available, it’s not always clear which dips are the smarter ones to pick when you’re at the supermarket.

Whether you’re after something creamy, spicy or cheesy, we’ve done the research so you’ll always have a few lower SmartPoints® options available. And don’t forget, you can always use the barcode scanner in your WW app to quickly find out the SmartPoints value of a dip before you decide to buy.


Vegetable dips

Vegetable dips with SmartPoints

Creamy dips

Creamy dips with SmartPoints

Spicy dips

Spicy dips with SmartPoints

Cheese dips

Cheese dips with SmartPoints

Gluten and dairy-free dips

Gluten and dairy free dips with SmartPoints

WW dip recipes
Bursting with flavour and colour, these easy-to-make dips will become a family favourite.