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30 weight loss tips from WW members you can try today

Learn 30 simple but effective weight loss tips from our WW Members.
Published 3 July 2018
  1. Anna Van Dyken: If you slip up, make the next meal a better one. It’s not a race; the journey is yours alone. It doesn’t matter how long it takes; you’re worth the effort.

  2. Tanya Baker: Move more. Even if you can’t get to the gym. At home you can do things like gardening or laps around the backyard – every little bit counts.

  3. Carla Casem: Keep learning: I took every chance I got to read the WW program material and books, and to visit the website, whether it was when the kids were playing or after they’d gone to bed.

  4. Andrew Winfield: Make exercise a habit. Exercising once in a blue moon doesn’t count. Making it a regular habit counts. Before long, it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth.

  5. Leah Niewman: If you don’t use all your Points Budget in a day, you can roll them over and save them for when you go out. It means you can eat healthily all day, keeping your Points low, then splurge on higher Points items when you’re out for dinner. You can really work it around your lifestyle.

  6. Karen Rossiter: Add a drop of water to your pan instead of oil to make sure the ingredients don’t stick & use lots of veggies in all your meals.

  7. Nicky Moore: Make changes that support a healthy lifestyle but make sure they’re sustainable for your life. Persist with it and set yourself new goals each week to stay on track.

  8. Carolyn Eltakchi: Your body thanks you when you put the right fuel in the tank. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome but haven’t had any bloating since starting the WeightWatchers program.

  9. Amy Odowd: Struggling with motivation? Reach out to people and use 'Connect' on the WW app. It’s a safe place where you can talk about anything.

  10. Julia Reynolds: Rather than cutting out treats entirely, find a smarter way to enjoy them. I used to love snacking on chocolate, so I’d have a small bar as my Saturday-night indulgence. It got to the point where I didn’t always crave chocolate anymore.

  11. Melinda Woollen: Look at the big picture! Keep looking back to where you’ve come from; don’t just focus on that week. If you have a little gain, look at how much you’ve lost overall.

  12. David Morris: Speak up! If there’s something troubling you, don’t be afraid to chat to your WW Coach. Ask for help – that’s what they’re there for. Your WW Coach won’t think any less of you.

  13. Sarah Russell-French: An important aspect of the program is accountability. Facing up to the scales every week at the WW Workshop helped stay on track.

  14. Sharon Rogers: Surrounding yourself with people who believe in your journey is key to success.

  15. Jodine Davis: If you hit a weight-loss plateau, shake up your food routine and choose different low-Points snacks.

  16. Alicia Hodson: Learn how good healthy food can taste and how it makes you feel 100 times better!

  17. Anna & Peter: Take advantage of WW’s recipes. Trying new ones regularly will not only build your cooking skillset and stop you getting bored, food scientists have confirmed that trying new foods can make it easier to lose weight without feeling restricted.

  18. Alicia -Maree Beres: It’s important to remember that age is just a number, and getting healthy whether you’re 16 or 60 is a decision you won’t ever regret.

  19. Victoria Duncan: You can’t always be perfect but just try your best and you’ll always be doing better than if you never bothered trying at all.

  20. Catherine Mclaren: If I have a bad day, I get back on track that same day – the next meal.

  21. Kelly Karlson: One of the biggest changes I made on my journey was to listen to my body and work out which foods agreed with me – and which didn’t.

  22. Sarah Adam: If I’m having a bad day, I go for a walk instead of reaching for chocolate.

  23. Isabelle Exton: The WW app is the best tool. I use it every day to find new recipes. The barcode scanner is really underrated – it takes the guesswork out of making choices.

  24. Rebecca Rugers: Don’t deny yourself treats. Find smart ways to include them!

  25. Brian Grainger: My number one tip is remembering this healthy new lifestyle is forever. You can’t give up the things you love completely because, if you do, you’ll never stick to it and keep the weight off.

  26. Rachael Heald: Setting mini goals keeps me motivated and I share my achievements with my family as well as my friends. I find their praise and positive words great encouragement to keep going.

  27. Lisa Mulcahy: Stick to your program! If you only follow WW half-heartedly, you’ll do half as well. I pre-track a lot so I think about what I’m going to eat the next day the night before. I track it before I have it, and I’ve found that really works for me. I have to be organised because life is so busy.

  28. Stephanie Ralph: Plan ahead! If you don’t think you have time to plan, make time. It's crucial to sticking to your Budget and making the best decisions.

  29. Joanna Spasaro: Put on your workout gear first thing in the morning. I get dressed for exercise, drop the kids to school, then go for a walk.

  30. Sonia & Melissa: If coffee and cake at a cafe or Friday night take-out was your old routine together, start new healthier routines. You could spend an afternoon prepping meals for the week, or take a yoga class together.