Workout for two

Buddy up! Working out is much more fun with friends.
Published 16 April 2016

Buddy workout

Research shows that when you work out with a friend, you push yourself harder, exercise for longer and can enjoy it more.

1. Rotational twist

Works: Core & obliques

How-to: Stand back-to-back with your feet hip-width apart. Start with one person holding a medicine ball, or large sports ball such as a basketball, in front of them at chest height. Twist to the right and pass the ball to your buddy. Get your buddy to pass the ball to you, turning right, so you’re working in a circle. Continue for 30 seconds then pass each other the ball in the opposite direction.

Rotational twist

2. Support squats

Works: Thighs

How-to: Facing your buddy, stand at a distance where you can stretch out your arms and grab onto each other’s wrists. At the same time, lower down into a squat, leaning your body weight back slightly and making sure your knees are above your toes. Hold for five seconds then come up to standing. Continue for 30 seconds up to a minute.

Support squats

3. Over-under

Works: Core, legs and shoulders

How-to: Stand back-to-back with a little space between you and your feet shoulder-width apart. One of you hold a weight in two hands, then squat so your bottoms touch and pass the weight to your buddy through your legs. As you stand up, take the weight from your buddy and pass it overhead in one direction then change direction. Continue for 30 seconds up to a minute.


4. Walking lunge

Works: Legs and bottom

How-to: Stand facing each other and grip onto each other’s forearms. One of you steps forward with your right foot into a lunge, while the other steps back with the left foot into a lunge, both keeping your core tight to keep you stable. Continue the walking lunges for 30 seconds alternating legs, then swap so the person who was going forward is now going backwards.

Walking lunge

5. Squat jump high-fives

Works: Legs and cardio fitness

How-to: Stand side by side, facing each other, with one of you a little further back than the other. Lower down into a squat at the same time, count to three, then jump up and high-five each other with your right hands. Continue for 30 seconds then swap sides so your left feet are near each other and you jump up and high-five with your left hands.

Squat jump high-fives

6. Plank high-fives

Works: Abs and upper body

How-to: Get into a plank position and face each other, engaging your core and keeping your wrists under your shoulders. Stay on your toes for the harder version, or on your knees to make it easier. High-five each other with your right hand, then your left hand and continue alternating hands for 30 seconds up to a minute.

Plank high-fives