Warm kamut taboulleh

Total Time
40 min
10 min
30 min
Kamut (kah-MOOT) is a high-protein wheat which can be found in health food stores. Serve with toasted whole-wheat pita breads, cut into triangles.



3 cup(s)

uncooked bulgur

1 cup(s), or kamut

chickpeas (15 oz)

15 oz, rinsed and drained

fresh lemon juice

3 Tbsp

olive oil

1 Tbsp

garlic clove(s)

1 medium clove(s), minced

table salt

¾ tsp

black pepper

½ tsp, freshly ground

grape tomatoes

2 cup(s), or yellow cherry tomatoes, halved

sweet red pepper(s)

1 medium, seeded and chopped

uncooked scallion(s)

7 medium, or 1 bunch, trimmed and thinly sliced


½ cup(s), peeled and chopped

fresh parsley

½ cup(s), flat-leaf, chopped


  1. Bring the water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add the kamut; reduce the heat and simmer, covered, until softened, about 1 1⁄4 hours. Uncover and simmer until all of the liquid is evaporated, about 15 minutes.
  2. Place the kamut in a large bowl. Add the chickpeas, lemon juice, oil, garlic, salt, and ground pepper. Stir in the tomatoes, bell pepper, scallions, cucumber, and parsley. Serve at once, or cover and refrigerate for up to 2 days.


Kamut takes 1 1/2 hours to cook, but if you prefer you can substitute bulgur wheat (the traditional grain used in this dish), which cooks in a speedier 25 minutes.For a non-vegan version of this dish, add one ounce crumbled feta cheese and omit the salt.

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