Photo of Mason jar chickpea & vegetable noodle soup by WW

Mason jar chickpea & vegetable noodle soup

Total Time
10 min
5 min
5 min
Like instant soup, only homemade and better! Ours is simple to carry with you and ready when you want to eat—just add hot water. Stir up and remember to let the jar stand a few minutes so the flavors come together. You can add 2 cups of hot broth to the Mason jar instead of the soup starter and water, if you prefer.


Reduced-sodium chicken stock base

3¾ tsp

Dry ramen noodles

½ package(s) without flavor packet

Frozen mixed vegetables

2 cup(s)

Canned chickpeas

1 cup(s), rinsed and drained

Dried oregano

½ tsp

Garlic powder

½ tsp

Grated Parmesan cheese

2 tsp


  1. Line up 2 large (3- to 4-cup) mason jars. Place 2 tsp soup starter (or enough for 2 cups broth) in each jar. Divide noodles, vegetables, chickpeas, oregano, and garlic powder between jars.
  2. Divide cheese between 2 small baggies or 2 storage containers. Store cheese and soup jars in refrigerator.
  3. Before serving, add 2 cups boiling water to each jar. Stir and let stand for 3 minutes to cook noodles. Garnish with cheese.
  4. Serving size: about 2 1/2 cups