35 perks included in your WW membership

Whether you're thinking about joining WW or already part of the community, here are your awesome member perks!
Published 24 June 2020

News flash: Your WW app includes many helpful features to help you reach your weight-loss and wellness goals. Make sure you're making the most of them all!

Remember to download the latest version of the WW app in order to see all the new features!

1. NEW personal assessment

By answering in-depth questions about your habits, lifestyle, and goals, we’ll give you a view of your overall wellness and a personalised starting point for your wellness journey.

2. NEW weekly check-in

Measuring your progress on the scale doesn’t always tell the whole story of your week. We’ll also check in on how you felt and what worked, and help you focus on the week ahead. You'll be prompted to check in each week in the WW app!

3. NEW progress report

When you complete your weekly check in, we’ll analyse each component of your wellness and give you a comprehensive read out that measures your weekly success on and off the scale!

4. NEW weekly action plan

If you want, we’ll help you choose a goal for the upcoming week to help you stay on track!

5. NEW updated Tracker

Now you can see your food, activity, and sleep data all in the same place, for a more complete view of your day!

6. NEW "What's in your fridge?" recipe suggestions

"What's in your fridge?" helps you customise what you want to eat throughout the week by suggesting dishes based on what you have on hand.

To find it, tap the Search bar and choose your ingredients!

7. NEW weekly meal planner

With this easy-to-use feature you can map out your meals for the week ahead. Pick your own WW recipes, or use our pre-made meal plans!

To find it, tap the search bar. At the top, you'll see a blue navigation bar. Tap "Your weekly plan" to launch it.

8. NEW personalised recipe suggestions

Get ideas based on what you like to eat and how many SmartPoints you have left!

You'll find it in the recipe carousel on the WW app.

9. NEW weekly goal

Each week, we'll showcase the goal you set by featuring it at the top of the WW app. It's a simple way to help you stay focused on what matters to you each week!

10. NEW 5-minute audio coaching

Wish you could get help for stress eating or stop beating yourself up if you overeat? Our new tool delivers bite-sized behaviour change techniques for your busy life.

To find them, scroll to the "Strengthen your body and mind" carousel and tap the 5-Minute Coaching card.

11. NEW updated activity dashboard

Get a new way to view your FitPoints to help you move more and find workouts you love!

12. NEW science-backed sleep tools

The WW app will help you get a good night’s sleep every night!

  • Learn simple sleep-better strategies and see how sleep plays a role in your weight-loss journey.
  • Discover what’s working, and what’s not, so you can make healthy changes.
  • Learn techniques that can improve your sleep.
  • Get content focused on the sleep-weight connection, with insight from sleep experts and actionable tips.

13. Water tracking tool

Our most member-requested feature helps you keep track of how much water you're drinking!

Simply tap the “+” icon in the water row that appears on your home screen. You'll see a water animation to indicate the amount you've tracked.

14. Find foods based on your dietary preference

Now you can sort by SmartPoints value (high to low, low to high), search by ingredient, recipe name, or restaurant, or filter by dietary preference.

Tap the video to see how easy it is!

15. Search by restaurant

Takeout is where it's at these days, and with our restaurant database, it's super simple to find and track your favourites.

Scroll down to Explore and tap Restaurants to search by name or SmartPoints value.

16. Virtual Kickstart Live sessions

Want to learn the basics or discover perks you might not know about? Come to a Virtual Kickstart Live session!

17. Virtual Workshops*

Members are raving about our new Virtual Workshops, giving them a 97% satisfaction rate! Experience the magic of a WW Workshop from the comfort of your own home—no shoes required!

*Available only with Workshops + Digital membership.

Find a Virtual Workshop

18. Science-backed Weekly Techniques

Every week our behaviour change experts pick a technique that we know will help you build healthier habits and deal with in the moment challenges.

Find a new Weekly Technique every Sunday on the WW app!

19. Celeb workouts with FitOn

FitOn is a new digital fitness platform that creates a safe space for everyone to have the freedom to be fit. Their notable instructors, including Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, represent self-love, fun, body positivity, and being your best self—all while leading engaging and fun video workouts.

Scroll down from the Activity dashboard and tap on the WW x FitOn card. Filter by trainer, activity type, time, or intensity.

20. Food barcode scanner

A member fave! When you’re at the supermarket, you can scan the barcode of a packaged food to get its SmartPoints value. Save it, make it a favourite, or track it on the spot, and view a list of all your scanned items for quick reference.

21. Sync to your activity device

Sync your favourite fitness device to the app and it’ll automatically track your FitPoints for you!

22. Get daily recipe suggestions

At the bottom of the WW app you'll find a treasure trove of delicious recipes. Browse ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

23. Chat with a coach

Have a question about SmartPoints or myWW+? Need help with the app? We're ready to answer any question you may have!

To find it, tap your profile icon in the top right cover of the WW app. You'll see 24/7 Coaching above your weight graph.

24. Voice track with Siri

Ask Siri to track your breakfast or tell you how many SmartPoints you have left! Over time, Siri will learn your habits and help recommend shortcuts to keep you on track.

You can launch Siri shortcuts from the check in (top) carousel on the WW app.

25. Create recipes

Have a meal you eat regularly? The app has a Create Recipe feature that lets you save it and quickly track it any time. (No more typing in each ingredient separately every time.)

26. Find like-minded members on Connect

Connect, our private, members-only community in the WW app, is a huge source of inspiration. These are your people—come meet them!

You can scroll through trending posts right on the WW app!

27. Join the Blue Dot Challenge

Ever wondered what those blue dots are on your Journey tab? They represent days in the Food Tracking Zone, which means you’re on the right track. See if you can earn a streak and post about your #bluedotchallenge success on Connect!

You'll see your blue dot days at the top of the WW app.

28. Swap and share recipes

Share your favourite WW recipes via text or email, right in the app!

If your friend already has the app installed, the recipe will automatically open so they can save it (and track it) themselves.

29. Recognition for milestones

Lost 5 kilos? Reached a FitPoints goal? You’ve earned some well-deserved recognition. We’ll send you messages in the WW app when you accomplish milestones on your journey!

30. See your progress

See how far you've come over the course of your journey, read encouraging messages, and see how many milestones you've earned, all on the same screen!

To open, tap the profile icon at the top of the WW app!

31. Meditate with Headspace

Our partnership with Headspace brings mini moments of mindfulness to your wellness journey. Try exclusive—and free—meditations, just for WW members, right in the WW app!

32. Work out with Aaptiv

Get access to Aaptiv's equipment-free audio workouts in your WW app for those who prefer to listen rather than watch! Ideal for beginners because you can choose your intensity with workouts that meet you where you are!

33. Choose weight loss or healthy habits

WW is about wellness for your whole life, that’s why on myWW+ you can choose whether you want to lose weight or maintain your weight while continuing to build healthy habits.

Choose whether you want to lose weight or focus solely on healthy habits by tapping the profile icon, then tapping the gear icon, then opening your food settings.

34. Switch your food plan colour

Sometimes you want to try something new! If you decide that switching plans is what’s best for you, you can do it right in Settings.

Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner of the WW app. Then tap the gear icon (top right corner), select food settings, then food plan.

NOTE: We recommend giving it two weeks before you make a change. It can take a while to get used to a whole new way of eating and our research shows that two weeks is a good amount of time to adjust.

35. Get free months with unlimited Invite a Friend

Have you heard about our referral program? As a WW member, when you invite a friend who joins, you get a month free—and there's no limit! Invite as many friends as you want here and rack up ALL the free months!