5 Ways to stop being scared of failure

Staying strong when things don’t go your way is a weight-loss friendly attitude. And it starts with showing yourself some self-compassion.

5 Ways to stay strong


Being human means being imperfect - getting things wrong every now and then is not only normal, it's to be expected. Which means it’s time to find your inner superhero! In other words, it’s time to stop letting a fear of failure or how you treat yourself when things don’t go to plan, from holding you back. Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James shares her tips for staying strong when things aren’t going your way.


1. Be your own best friend

Missing your fitness target, blowing your SmartPoints® Budget or failing to hit a milestone you’ve set yourself can be demotivating, so treat yourself kindly – as if you were a friend who was experiencing the same thing. You don’t need harsh criticism; you need to be soothed and encouraged.


2. Think positively

In the face of failure, boost your mood by saying to yourself: ‘This was a bump in the road, but it’s not the end of the story. I’m picking myself up and continuing on with my journey.’


3. Learn from it

Remember, you can sometimes learn more from those ‘hiccup’ moments, than you can from your successes. So rather than judging yourself when things don’t go perfectly, take the time to assess the situation. With some thought, you might be able to start planning how you could do things differently in the future.


4. Get motivated

Use those times when you don’t quite hit the mark, to spur yourself on by acknowledging the goal you fell a bit short around, then focusing on all the positive changes you did make in its pursuit. Reminding yourself of your achievements, rather than focusing on a failure, can motivate you to keep going.


5. Push yourself further

Failing to achieve something can also give you a wake-up call. It’s easy to get complacent when things come easily. Challenging goals also provide greater rewards and a sense of achievement, so the occasional ‘not quite there yet’ moment when you’re aiming for a harder goal can help you appreciate your successes even more.