9 best Asian-inspired hot pot recipes

A simmering centre piece that can be easily tailored to everyone’s palate, an Asian-inspired hot pot is a perfect dish to share.
Published 21 January 2018

Quick and easy hot pot recipes


A hot pot is a Chinese dish where a pot of simmering stock is placed in the middle of the table. A selection of vegies and meats are placed next to cook in the stock, or you can pre-prepare it so it can be served up. There are different styles of hot pots throughout Asia although a traditional hot pot is all about gathering people around the table to cook and share a meal together.

A nabe is a Japanese variation of the hot pot and is often a stew or soup served during the colder seasons. Our recipe for Japanese nabe is filled with Asian mushrooms, fish, salmon and tofu cooked in a kombu and bonito broth. Kombu (also known as kelp) is a type of sea vegetable that gives a smoky flavour and has a chewy texture. Bonito powder is made from a specific type of dried and smoked tuna. Both are available from Asian grocery stores.

Our recipe for miso beef and udon noodle hot pot has an aromatic ginger and miso broth. Add the beef strips right before removing the broth from the heat allowing the residual heat to cook the beef through perfectly while adding great flavour.